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Load Moment Indicators (LMIs) and Rated Capacity Limiters (RCLs) aid in both operator safety and project success, offering technological insight into the weight being lifted, while simultaneously preventing overloading and equipment incidents. By enhancing safety, these systems keep projects on schedule and operators informed about what’s happening with their machinery. These devices and applications can offer operators an up close and personal gauge of outrigger monitoring, engine data, angle sensing and more. ACT surveyed leading LMI/RCI manufacturers about their latest product developments.


The WIKA Mobile Control qSCALE maestro LMI is an aftermarket upgrade solution for the DS150G, DS350G/GW and existing maestro systems that are currently in the field.

WIKA Mobile Control

WIKA Mobile Control offers qSCALE, qSCALE Ix and qSCALE maestro load moment indicator (LMI) options giving OEMs and end-users maximum flexibility in meeting lifting requirements, the company said.

rayco wylie box

The qSCALE is a fully customized LMI offering OEMs the flexibility to modify and add system options. This includes machine specific graphics and adding additional sensors based on specific application requirements. This system also offers the option of custom communication with non-LMI functions such as air-conditioning, engine diagnostics, outrigger monitoring, etc.

The qSCALE Ix is a standard LMI solution that meets the requirements for both OEM and aftermarket applications. The system provides the operator with a graphic display of the crane’s boom length, boom angle, load radius and current load (both actual and allowable). The color graphic display, which is available in either 4.3 or 7 inches, also includes an integrated bar graph to provide the operator with the crane’s current utilization. The system offers the ability to use both wireless and hardwired sensors, and also features a calibration procedure using a menu-driven process, which reduces calibration time.

The qSCALE maestro LMI is an aftermarket upgrade solution for the DS150G, DS350G/GW and existing maestro systems that are currently in the field. The qSCALE maestro offers a design that converts existing software eliminating the need for re-calibration. The system features a user-friendly 4.3-inch color display that displays actual and allowable load, boom length, boom angle and load radius. The qSCALE maestro features an integrated light-bar and event recorder and offers the option of an external light-tower. With an IP 66/67 rating, the console can be mounted either inside or outside of the cab.

rayco wylie

RaycoWylie’s i4500 lift management system is now capable of integrating wireless sensors to its CAN bus (wired) technology.



In response to a continually demanding industry, RaycoWylie’s i4500 lift management system is now capable of integrating wireless sensors to its CAN bus (wired) technology. This makes the i4500 series one of the world’s first hybrid crane monitoring systems, the company said. Using both wireless and CAN bus sensors offers possibilities for all crane applications, including advanced features of integration with the crane.

The wireless sensors use LoRa technology that is summarized by long range transmissions with low power consumption. The choice between wired and wireless sensors is determined by which gives the best advantages for the specific application. The wireless sensors communicate with the CAN bus network via a compact wireless gateway, available in 868Mhz and 915Mhz for the international markets. This product is ideal for OEMs as well as modernizing older cranes, Rayco Wylie said.

Scale and Control

Scale and Control also offers the full line of RaycoWylie products including the i4300 System, which can function as an LMI or RCI system. The display has a built-in processor, reducing the number of components to be installed in the crane cab. Load charts can be programmed into the display and data logging is available via download to USB. Load can be measured by the i4300 system using pressure transducers, line riders and load cells depending on the equipment’s configuration. In addition to load data, the system can monitor anti-two-block, wind speed and other options.

Scale & Control

Scale and Control offers the full line of Rayco-Wylie products including the i4300, which can function as an LMI or RCI system.


As one of the seven TWG brands, Greer offers an integrated package to the crane manufacturer of mechanical, electronic and digital products. Greer manufactures two CAN J1939 enabled displays with high-resolution WVGA graphics – the smaller Greer Insight and the larger Greer Element II. The Insight is designed especially for boom trucks. Both are waterproof per IP67 and offer a wide range of capabilities including multiple screens, customizable configurations, imperial or metric units and multiple language options. They are optically bonded for outdoor viewing and support ECU readout screens as well as multiple inputs.


Greer offers two CAN J1939 enabled displays with high-resolution WVGA graphics.

Greer LMI/RCLs are available in the aftermarket for telescopic boom cranes. The company also provides retrofit solutions for rail charts, barge charts and multiple attachments. Greer also released a wireless anti-two block switch that can support either one or two switches. It is designed for and tested in harsh environments and uses long lasting lithium batteries for reliable performance, the company said.

Smart Jobsite

Smart Jobsite, a pioneering construction app, has launched the world’s first mobile-based, accurate load measuring system for cranes. The Smart Shackle is designed to work on smartphones and tablets directly from the jobsite and provides the operator with an accurate, convenient way to monitor and record the pickup and lifting of objects, providing values directly to the smartphone. Unlike most current measuring systems, which require a dedicated device to read crane load measurements, Smart Shackle works on iOS and Android smartphones, making it cost-effective and offering a more efficient way of managing site information, the company said.

The measuring system can handle a wealth of data, from monitoring and recording picks, tracking times and locations to charting the specific load, type of load and time needed to lift. The information is transferred to the cloud in real-time and can be securely accessed on demand from any device, making it an asset for supervisors and site managers who need to remotely monitor or report activities on their jobsites. Multiple shackles can be displayed on one or more smartphones, meaning tandem lifts can also be carefully supervised in real time.

“We have created an extremely accurate load measuring device that has been designed to be treated as a normal shackle would be; it’s tough, rugged and can be mistreated as normal shackles are,” said Jean-Charles Delplace, co-founder and CEO, Smart Jobsite. “It’s transparent and accountable, meaning the user can quickly, easily and confidently manage critical information such as picks, location of load, type of load and length of lift. It works remotely, can be used to supervise tandem lifts on larger sites, is kilogram accurate and is virtually indestructible.”

smart shackle

The Smart Shackle is designed to work directly from a jobsite to a smartphone, and provides the operator with a way to monitor and record the pickup and lifting of objects.  


Intercomp offers a full suite of crane scale and tension link dynamometer weighing solutions ideal for monitoring suspended loads, validating on-board weighing systems and recording weight data. From use in mounting and demounting aircraft engines to entertainment and stage rigging, Intercomp offers TL8500 and TL8000 tension links featuring capacities from 500 pounds to 500,000 pounds. The devices are sized to accommodate industry shackles and are equipped with standard wireless radio with no external antennas for convenient remote weight monitoring.

The live event industry continues to grow rapidly making entertainment rigging more complicated. Loads are larger and the margin of error is smaller. TL Series Tension Link Dynamometers can be used to raise and position all types of trusses, scaffolding, lighting and audio equipment, while monitoring the live forces on multiple lift lines and anchor points. Providing accurate load and tension readings eliminates guesswork and ensures safer, more confident rigging practices, the company said. Intercomp Tension Link Dynamometers feature wireless communication, allowing for multiple links to communicate to a single handheld indicator or a PC via IntercompWeigh software. This enables operators to monitor data from each individual link to address overload situations before they occur.

Intercomp also produces the CS200, CS750 and CS1500 hanging crane scales that are compact and lightweight, offering maximum portability, the company said. The CS200 features capacities up to 500 pounds, the CS750 up to 1,000 pounds and the CS1500 up to 20,000 pounds. Intercomp also produces pallet, platform and floor and cargo scales.


Intercomp offers TL8500 and TL8000 tension links featuring capacities ranging from 500 pounds to 500,000 pounds.


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