Palfinger launches range update

14 December 2020

P 200 A-R_IT_imm_Cop_ALTA

P 200 A-R Smart

Palfinger has updated its Smart Line series of truck mounts with a number of technical and performance improvements.

The upgrades cover seven articulated, double articulated and telescopic platforms, which include electronic controls, a shorter wheelbase and a multifunctional hydraulic manifold system.

In addition, the introduction of the Plus package on all models with the Plus designation provides greater versatility, with three types of stabilisation: both outriggers extended, one outrigger extended on one side only, or both outriggers closed.


P 200 AXE-E Plus

The models include the articulated P 220 AXE-E Smart Plus, offering an outreach of up to 12.5m, with a working height of 22m and a compact a 3450 mm wheelbase.

Double articulated

The double articulated line is represented by four models. One of them, the P 200 A-R Smart, is the only fully hydraulic platform in the range and offers the manufacturer’s type A, direct descent stabilisation and continuous 280° turntable rotation.

The P 200 AXE-E Smart Plus features electronic control, vertical stabilisation with extending outriggers, a proportional hydraulic manifold system and the plus package.

The P 240 AE Smart combines the type A fast descent direct stabilisation with improved comfort and performance, featuring new controls, a proportional hydraulic manifold and improved lateral outreach.


P 200 TXE-E Plus

The P 240 AXE-E Smart Plus adds vertical stabilisation, partial stabilisation with extendable outriggers, and a proportional hydraulic manifold to the previously mentioned P 240 AE Smart, as well as the plus package. Compared to its predecessor, it offers greater manoeuvrability and extended lateral outreach.

Telescopic models

There are two telescopic models. The P 170 TXE-E Smart Plus, with a working height of 17m and 11.8m outreach, is designed to be agile, with high performance. It is equipped with electric controls, extendable outriggers with vertical stabilisers, a proportional hydraulic manifold and the plus package.

The P 200 TXE-E Smart Plus combines electric controls with a lightweight elevated section for improved lateral outreach over the original model.



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