Potain debuts Igo T 99 self-erector

The Potain Igo T 99 is a versatile telescopic self-erecting crane with a 6.6-ton capacity.

Tower crane manufacturer Potain unveiled its Igo T 99 telescopic self erecting crane on Friday, June 11, 2021.

Capacity is 6.6 tons and it offers a 147-foot jib with 126-foot maximum under hook height, with the jib elevated to 30 degrees.

The Potain Igo T 99 is a versatile telescopic self-erecting crane with a 6.6-ton capacity and a 157-foot reach. Its 126-foot height under hook makes the crane ideal for a variety of jobsites.

The new model is designed to have compact dimensions for transport and a minimal footprint in use. The way it unfolds is designed to allow erection in a confined space.

Extending the jib to 147 feet gives a tip load of 1.6 tons. With the full 157 feet of jib out horizontally capacity is still 1.3 tons. Height-under-hook with the jib horizontal is 126 feet. Raising the angle to 30 degrees increases the vertical reach to 185 feet.

Six jib length options are available between 104 feet and the full 157 feet. Similarly for working height, up to three mast sections can be added, giving seven working heights between 67.2 and 126 feet.

Total transport length is 51.3 feet by 13.1 feet high when fitted with 49.7 mph axles. Existing Igo and Igo T transport axles can be used to move the new model.

Once on site its space requirement is 14.7 feet by 14.7 feet when erected. The new unfolding mechanism allows erection in narrow spaces close to buildings, Potain parent company Manitowoc said. Less space is needed because once the base is in place the crane unfolds from the top.

Potain Smart Set-Up technology, remote-controlled operation and an ergonomic Ultra View Cab ensure the crane is simple to operate in a wide variety of scenarios.

Levelling the crane is done by adjusting a support screw. Power is either from a 400 Volt, 50 hz or 480 Volt, 60 hz supply. Remote control operation and set up can be done from the same transmitter. It has a colour screen to show progress with erection, dismantling and operation.

To operate from a cabin the options are an Ultra View or Ultra View Light cab. Manitowoc’s familiar and now standard Crane Control System (CCS) helps simplify operation.

Rope reeving is fixed at four falls so doesn’t need to be changed on site.

Design features include the electrical panel lid that opens upwards, giving sun and rain protection for maintenance technicians. In addition, the remote control transmitter and battery charger can be stored in there.

“The newly launched Potain Igo T 99 from Manitowoc is a highly versatile telescoping self-erecting crane with streamlined transport options and easier-than-ever setup and operation,” said Rémi Deporte, self erecting product manager. “This crane will enable customers to take on more jobs and achieve a higher return on their investment.”

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osf-iImL_7w


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