Potain launches MCR 625 big luffer

Potain MCR 625 is aimed at use on congested urban sites in Australasia, the Middle East and Latin America The Potain MCR 625 is a heavy duty model for congested urban sites in Asia, Australasia, the Middle East and Latin America. Photo: Manitowoc Potain

Manufacturer Manitowoc has launched a new 32 tonne luffing jib Potain tower crane with moving counterweight.

The MCR 625 is a heavy duty model for Asia, Australasia, the Middle East and Latin America. Built at the Zhangjiagang factory in China, it is for non-CE markets. The design is new, with a moving counterweight, like its MR 618 counterpart for the European and North American markets.

Good balance helps make it possible to put the new Potain MCR 625 on a 2.45 metre mast. Photo: Manitowoc Potain

“We are excited to introduce the Potain MCR 625, a crane that offers the perfect balance in power, precision, and compactness. By leveraging the proven design of the MR 618 and adding design elements for fast-emerging global markets, we are empowering contractors to tackle ambitious projects in urban environments with unprecedented efficiency and reliability,” said Leong Kwong-Joon, regional product manager for Potain tower cranes.

Performance focus

The new Potain MCR 625 J32 launched on 4 March 2024 lifts 32 tonnes on two falls of rope and 17.5 tonnes on one fall. Photo: Manitowoc Potain

Capacity on two falls of rope is 32 tonnes and 17.5 tonnes on one fall. To meet the requirements of its target market this capacity on one fall is higher than normal (on the MR 618 it is 16 tonnes). Maximum boom length is 65 metres, at the end of which it will lift a maximum of 6.4 tonnes. Booms can be 30 or 40 metres and then increased in 5 metre increments up to the maximum.

Minimum out of service radius, with 30 metre jib, is 17.9 metres. With the full 65 metre boom it is given as 29.2 metres. Rear counter jib radius is a maximum of 10 metres. The slabs of the hanging counterweight are made of steel.

A key element of the new model is its moving counterweight design. It helps get more performance into a smaller package. Also helping to improve the balance of the crane, it allows mounting on the relatively small, 2.45 x 2.45 metre, K850 mast.

Maximum freestanding height is 72.4 metres with a 30 metre jib.

A smaller mast makes for easier logistics and takes up less space on site or in storage. Transporting the crane, including a full 65 metre jib, can be done in 11 truck loads.

The K850 mast can also be used for other Potain models, including the MCT565, MCT565A, MCT805, MCT1005 and the MCT1105 in Asia range.

Two hoist winch options help increase flexibility and both can carry 603 metres of rope. The available combinations are either the 270LVFC175 for the main hoist with the 150VVFC87 for luffing, or the 270LVF175 hoist and the 150VVF87 for luffing.

Using a moving counterweight on the Potain MCR 625 helps get more performance into a smaller package The Potain MCR 625’s moving counterweight design helps get more performance into a smaller package. Photo: Manitowoc Potain

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