PREVIEW: SC&RA Crane & Rigging Workshop

The 2021 Crane & Rigging Workshop will be held September 14-16 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago

From a tour of the LGH facility in Chicago, to an engaging session about jibs, the SC&RA Crane & Rigging Workshop has virtually something for everyone. Except this year, nothing is virtual for the Workshop that will be held September 14-16 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago that is located in one of the city’s most appealing districts.

The 2021 Crane & Rigging Workshop will be held September 14-16 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

“The obvious reasons aside, I think one of the things I am most looking forward to this fall in Chicago is the expectation that this Workshop will bring a renewed or heightened awareness of members to be as up-to-date as possible on issues and policy changes that can impact their business,” said Pat Collins, director of product marketing, Link-Belt Cranes, and SC&RA Crane & Rigging Group Chair. “Because to be away from your business this year, even for a few days, after the year we just put behind us, can be a lot to ask, so while at the Workshop, I think you will see more people being as efficient with their time as possible, as in more occupied chairs in the presentations versus ‘lobby time.’”

Collins added that when attendees review the topics, material and presenters, they will have a better understanding of why they are there and the opportunities the Workshop offers.

“The only thing left to do will be to participate as much as they can,” concluded Collins.

All things rigging

The Workshop kicks off Tuesday with a tour of LGH, North America’s largest inventory of rental hoisting, jacking, winching, rigging and other material handling equipment. This tour includes the processes of equipment intake coming back from a project, including everything from stripping out load chain on hoists and cleaning it, to the final details right before delivery to a jobsite. Attendees will learn how the different equipment is broken down, re-certified and properly stored, inventoried and tracked as well as demonstrations of equipment being test-loaded.

Noteworthy sessions

The opening session on Wednesday is sure to generate a buzz. Electric Crawler Cranes: The Unplugged Series covers everything about the advent of electric cranes. Learn all about the customer experience of this emission free crane just launched in December 2020. Attendees will learn what is required in site planning regarding power supply; technical implementation and components; intricacies of the electric power train; and battery lifetime and recycling. This session is presented by Roland Nostler, product management deep foundation equipment, Liebherr-Werk Nenzing.

Another session that is expected to generate high interest is Installation and Stowing of Swing-a-Way Jibs, that is presented by Rick Binder, crane operator/evaluator, Dawes Rigging & Crane Rental; Jeffrey Hammons, Sr., president, JHam Group Consulting; and Richard Shultz, vice president engineering, Link-Belt Cranes.

Collins said that the Workshop sessions were planned to offer “sessions for all, covering management, safety, technology and adapting to the changing workplace.”

Also on Wednesday, Daily Impacts that Affect Your Insurance Costs is a breakout session that discusses how every day on the job is an opportunity to improve safety culture, reduce claim potential and keep employees safe. Listen in as experts review the top 10 impacts to insurance rates, including: impacts to Workers’ Compensation experience mod, daily equipment maintenance impacts to Inland Marine and how the terms on a work ticket can change the outcome of claims. New insurance clauses and waivers of subrogation on workers compensation will also be discussed. Speakers include Jeff Haynes, National Heavy Construction Equipment Practice Leader, USI Insurance Services; James Jinhong, executive vice president, Underwriting & Business Development, NBIS (NationsBuilders Insurance Services); Bill Smith, executive vice president, Claims & Risk Management, NBIS.

3D Modeling and Animation: Change How Clients Look at Projects covers why 3D modeling help the client visualize the project better, but it also helps with executing the plan. Explore the impact of 3D modeling and animation in engineering, planning and execution, including interferences checks; understand the advantages of 3D animation for implementation personnel training and scheduling; and hear how implementing 3D animation in field activities enables clear communication across all activities. Giving this presentation is Bogdan Gaita.

When Your Crane Operator Becomes a Driver discusses how once a crane operator gets behind the wheel of a mobile crane, a whole set of safety, compliance and underwriting considerations occur. It is important to understand best practices and training priorities often not considered with this dual role of a crane operator. Attendees will learn about the on-the-road exposure from a risk management and underwriting perspective, leaving with tools they can implement in their companies. Speakers are Chris Mikolay, Sr. vice president, Specialty Transportation, National Interstate Insurance and Paul Stock, vice president, Loss Control and Claims Services, National Interstate Insurance and Rick Emery, president, Emery+Karrigan.

Steel and Fiber Ropes: Above and Below the Hook reviews the installation, inspection and maintenance of steel and fiber ropes. Learn best practices to keep loads secure and the worksite safe. Speakers are Justin Brown, president, Unirope Limited and Brooks Nunley, sales manager, Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling.

Valuable lessons

Kicking off Thursday is the Breakfast with Champions, presentation of the 2020 Rigging Job of the Year winners. Enjoy presentations exemplifying safety practices, ingenuity and achievements in solving problems encountered in rigging. Winners that are making presentations are: Under $150,000, Barnhart; $150,000 - $750,000, Oxbo Mega Transport Solutions; and $750,000 to $2 Million, Barnhart; Over $2 Million Fagioli SPA.

On Thursday, attendees can see presentations of the 2020 Rigging Jobs of the Year.

Thursday’s breakout sessions include Cyber Liability & What You Need to Know to Protect Your Company, which will cover evolving social media practices, cyber liabilities and safety cultures. Each can be used to promote a company, but there are downsides that attendees need to be aware of. Understand what is needed in today’s world to keep a company and reputation protected. Presenters are Cameron Boots, area vice president, Allied Insurance Brokers and Mike Knott, vice president of operations, Phoenix Crane Rental.

Below-the-Hook Lifters from Start to Finish will allow attendees to learn what it takes to create a lifter from start to finish in accordance with ASME B30.20 and ASME BTH-1 Standards. Understand the different types of lifters, from common spreader beams and c-hooks to complex automated lifting devices for use with all types of cranes. Speakers are Mazella Companies’ Dan Sherwood, product manager; Nick Skoczen, product manager; and Chief Engineer & ASME B30.20 committee member Lili Radu.

Evolution of Workplace Safety Training will cover the revolution now taking place in workplace training. Companies must balance the need to ensure employees receive vital instruction but look for new ways to provide it. Should companies consider “full service” training partners vs. in-house trainers that can provide a full suite of options to meet the needs of an entire workforce? Topics covered include virtual vs. instructor led; role of VR/AR/simulators; and the effect of Covid-19 on training providers and availability of quality instruction. Tony Radke, vice president, Easybook USA, is the presenter.

Company culture is often viewed as something that just evolves. But with the transitional and generational changes in the crane, rigging and specialized transportation industry, organizations need to pay attention to transparency, employee accountability and recognition. Lessons Learned: Building Company Culture Amidst Transitional and Generational Change will cover lessons learned and best practices to move your company culture forward. Panelists include Diana Holt, CEO, Wilkerson Crane Rental; Kate Lampson, director of marketing, Lampson International; and Sandy Steffan, vice president, Steffan Industries.

The ASME B30.5 standard is scheduled to be updated this summer. In the session Ask Me About ASME: Experts Weigh in on B30.5 Updates, attendees can learn from the ASME B30.5 chair and committee members about all the changes being incorporated and how the committee works. Speakers include ASME B30.5 committee member Thom Sicklesteel, CEO, National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO); and ASME B30.5 committee chair Stephanie Wood, director, product safety, Terex Cranes Americas.

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Networking bonanza

As always, the SC&RA Crane & Rigging Workshop will feature several opportunities for networking including two networking breaks on Wednesday and Thursday, evening receptions and the Thursday Exhibit Center, which will include a buffet lunch and refreshments.

During the Exhibit Center, SC&RA brings together the industry’s top manufacturers, software and training providers, insurance representatives and media all in one place. With no conflicting sessions or distractions, the Exhibit Center is the best place to meet with customers and make new contacts quickly and easily.


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