Punch Flybrid energy storage for Falcon cranes

black box suspended from a green crane Installing a punch Flybrid unit on a HS2 site at Little Missenden in the UK. Photo: Falcon Group

Falcon has invested in Punch Flybrid energy storage units and some Stage V diesel generators for the Falcon Power division of the Falcon Group which includes Falcon Tower Crane Services, in the UK.

Primarily for the tower crane division, the new Punch Flybrid systems use flywheel technology to supply extra electrical power to complement the output from the diesel generator at moments of peak demand during lifting operations.

Falcon explained, “In applications with dynamic duty cycles, generator sets are sized for the dynamic load response. For example, the start-up current of machinery such as tower cranes, far exceed the standard running current. Without a Punch Flybrid system, a larger generator would be required to cover the start-up current. While this is required initially, the generator would then be used at a much lower capacity during normal operation, which can be costly for the client in both monetary and emissions terms.”

Reducing emissions

When used in conjunction with the Punch Flybrid unit, a smaller generator can be specified thereby saving fuel and reducing engine exhaust emissions. Falcon said it more than halves the carbon dioxide emissions produced.

The first unit was put to work mid-August on part of the UK’s HS2 rail project at Little Missenden.

Commenting on the move Andrew Teanby, Falcon Power general manager, said, “We all strive to reduce our carbon footprint, it is now more important than ever. The trade off has always been, the more money you spend the more CO2 you can save – not anymore. With a Punch Flybrid system, we are proving to our customers that there is a significant, real term, cost saving to this system, while reducing their CO2 emissions by over half.”

Tobias Knichel, Punch Flybrid managing director, said, “Punch Flybrid units are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and materials the UK manufacturing industry is known for worldwide. This not only minimises the full life cycle emissions - which include the manufacturing, usage and recycling phases – it also ensures outstanding reliability which is so critical for the operation of tower cranes.

Flywheel technology

“Punch Flybrid units work particularly well on Stage V generator sets. The flywheel system supports the generator to be loaded correctly which then ensures that the Stage V after-treatment functions.”

Falcon also ordered Stage V generators from Atlas Copco for delivery in late 2022 and early 2023.

Falcon has 20 years’ experience with diesel generators for its tower cranes. Expansion of that area of the business precipitated the creation of Falcon Power Generation Ltd. Its fleet is now more than 400 diesel generators, plus fuel tanks, cables and other associated equipment. Falcon Power operates from four of the group’s five depots, in Norfolk, Manchester, Newport and Dunstable. Generators are available from 45 to 1,250 KVA. All accept HVO fuel.

black box looks similar to a diesel generator One of the new Punch Flybrid flywheel units for Falcon. Photo: Falcon Group

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