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21 January 2020


The SC&RA Store features some 30 products ranging from decals and safety guides to online subscriptions and customized rigging videos.

The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association advocates for, educates and provides networking opportunities to support the specialized transportation, lifting and rigging industry in operating safely, legally and profitably around the world. The Association is the leading resource for the industry, and it offers a wealth of benefits for its members.

One such benefit is the SC&RA Store, which features some 30 products ranging from decals and safety guides to online subscriptions and customized videos. Products range in price from $5.50 to $500 with member and non-member pricing. Several of the guides are in English, Spanish and other languages.

The first category of products is business forms, including a daily and monthly Crane Safety Inspection Form, a Lattice Boom Crawler Crane Annual Inspection Checklist, a Mobile Crane Pre-job Safety Checklist, a Telescoping Boom Crane Annual Inspection Checklist and a Tower Crane Pre-Delivery Inspection.

Safety products include two important decals, including one for crane hand signals and one for overhead wires.

SC&RA’s custom safety guides include the Crane Hand Signal Pocket Guide, the Guide to Mobile Crane Safety (in English, Spanish and Portuguese), Operating Cranes Around Power Lines DVD and Companion Booklet, Safety Talks Manual, Specialized Transportation Driver Training Video (DVD) and Specialized Transportation Load Securement DVD. There’s also a Telescopic Hydraulic Gantry safety manual and DVD.

Among the most popular of the safety products is the Operating Cranes Around Powerlines DVD and booklet. The video provides a visual demonstration of safe operating procedures in accordance with OSHA’s requirements for mobile cranes near and around power lines. Specifically, the video covers what to consider when planning the assembly or disassembly of a crane near a power line; precautions to take when operating a crane near a power line; where to post warnings; encroachment prevention measures and options; when to use a spotter as well as alternative measures to spotters; when operations can take place under a power line; smaller than minimum clearance distances; required safety meetings and procedures; working near transmitter communication towers; and OSHA’s training requirements.

Custom safety guides


Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual

A new product in the safety realm is the Specialized Transportation Drive Training Video. According to SC&RA, this new training video was created to address the specific needs of drivers who are new to the industry. It covers driver skills like right turns and railroad crossings, route planning permits and hazard identification. Additional topics include liability issues with OS/OW loads and advice for working with a team.

In the Technical/Reference category of the SC&RA Store are eight products including the Forklift Rigging Attachments book and DVD, Glossary of Crane & Rigging Terms in both Spanish and English, the SC&RA Membership Directory hard copy and CD, the Moving the World DVD and the Permit Manual Online Subscription. The one-year subscription to the Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual includes all information for all 50 states and Canadian provinces.

One of the most useful products for anyone in the industry is the SC&RA Membership Directory, which includes more than 1,800 listings for member companies all across the globe in crane, rigging, oversize/overweight, related fields (publications, engineers, consultants etc.) Alphabetical and geographical indexes allow for narrowing searches quickly.


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