Sany completes 4,500 tonne crawler crane

Giant red, yellow and black Sany crawler crane against a blue sky The Sany SCC45000A is a 4,500 tonne capacity crawler crane

A 4,500 tonne capacity crawler crane has been built by Sany and handed over to its first customer.

The Chinese crane and construction equipment manufacturer claimed a new capacity record for its new SCC45000A crawler crane with double lattice booms.

The 28 October handover followed in the wake of previous Sany milestone models, including a 3,600 tonner in 2011 and a 4,000 tonner in 2020. The company claimed the latest 4,500 tonner as “the largest lifting capacity of mobile cranes ever recorded in human history.”

Its maximum load moment rating is claimed to be more than 98,000 tonne-metres. “The crane is theoretically able to hoist more than 3,000 sedan cars, outperforming all similar products,” the company said.

Maximum boom length is 216 metres. In addition to the 4,500 tonne double boom configuration, the crane can be rigged more conventionally with one boom. Capacity is then 2,000 tonnes.

The superlift ballast wagon is mounted on a pair of crawler tracks and the superlift radius can be adjusted from 28 to 37 metres.

According to Qin Xuqi, director at the Sany Crawler Crane Institute, transporting the dismantled crane requires 200 or more 30 tonne flatbed truck loads.

More details will be published when they become available.

Red, yellow and black giant Sany crawler side view lifting something against a blue sky The Sany SCC45000A has a maximum load moment rating of more than 98,000 tonne-metres

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