Sarens plays critical role in energy projects

The company’s wind division reports to have installed over 5,000 wind turbine generators globally.

Sarens’ heavy lifts are bringing a breath of fresh air to the energy sector. The Belgian-based company looks to capitalize on its expertise as offshore wind takes off in North America. To date, there are at least 12 new farms obtaining permits for construction in the U.S. and in one in Canada set for 2022, and the number will only continue to grow, the company said.

The reentrance of the U.S. to the Paris Climate Agreement signaled a commitment to expanding renewable energy, which will require the undertaking of massive projects in the next decade. According to the U.S. Energy Department, the U.S. is on track to reach 86 GW of installed offshore wind capacity by 2050 as more states approve the project plans and legislation required to begin construction. Sarens’ wind division has assisted in the installation of dozens of wind farms all over the globe through their vast history, further demonstrating their ability to complete similar projects with ease.

The U.S. shows commitment to expanding renewable energy by rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, opening door to new wind farm projects in the coming decade.

The Special Initiative for Offshore Wind’s recent projections of a $70 billion pipeline in U.S. offshore wind projects in the next decade have lead Canada to enter the market as well, made easier by the augmented supply chain for their construction which will be brought in by wind projects off the Atlantic coast. Sarens has expanded accordingly in the Canadian market by opening 5 regional offices to widen their reach in this area.

“These numbers showcase the great potential of the international market and represent a great opportunity to continue growing our business in different strategic industries where Sarens has truly demonstrated, not only its technical capabilities, but its proved solvency, leading important and key projects for society, economic and national development,” said Lee Rowe, country manager, Sarens Canada.

Canada, a country with 301 active wind farms, is no stranger to renewable energy and is on track to reach their 2030 renewable energy goals with 23.5 GW of installed wind energy capacity. Sarens recently participated in an ongoing construction project at the Golden South wind farm in Saskatchewan, installing some of the biggest wind rotors in Canada, with some hubs measuring up to 344 feet (105 meters) long.

The outlook for the wind energy industry is bright as North America looks to catch up to Europe and Asia and reduce its carbon footprint by investing in new energy sources.


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