SC&RA 75th anniversary campaign elevates 2023

19 December 2023

Looking back on the year that was, SC&RA can point to any number of moments that give cause for celebration and optimism, but one thread remained both exclusive and constant throughout 2023: the Association’s commitment to recognizing members, the industry and the resulting legacy as part of its 75th year anniversary.

Spread out across multiple media platforms, as well as each of the annual in-person meetings in 2023, including CONEXPO, the SC&RA 75th anniversary celebration showcased this historic milestone with a passion and resiliency befitting of an association comprised of nearly 1,400 members from 46 nations who literally lift and move the world.

“Through the course of this year,” said SC&RA CEO Joel Dandrea, “we honored the people, the work and the relationships that have united the Association over the decades, while also spotlighting the productive impact that SC&RA continues to make within industries around the globe.”

Dandrea knows that the anniversary campaign was well worth the effort. “The Association is rich in history and traditions, loyalty and strength, and the members are the lifeblood,” he emphasized. “When you look back, it’s a proud history that has required participation from all types of companies – small, medium and large. In turn, SC&RA has evolved, grown and strengthened in those seventy-five years, and our members have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We’re proud to afford them the opportunity to display their success through various forms of recognition and celebration. And it was evident across 2023, especially because of the anniversary.”

Dandrea also pointed to a particular piece of the 75th anniversary campaign that resonated across the Association’s collective membership. “Partnering with KHL and rolling out the coffee table book [Legendary] was a really special part of it all,” he noted. “Additionally, having members participate in related anniversary social media campaigns and videos that have been part of our events all year long was an active demonstration of member commitment, and recognition that SC&RA serves as a key voice of the industry – representing member interests in the states, in D.C. and even internationally.”

Current SC&RA President Scott Bragg was impressed with SC&RA’s 75th campaign throughout the year, and like Dandrea, took specific pride in the Legendary publication. “The book was a great look back into the history and present day SC&RA,” he pointed out. “It serves as both an interesting resource while also honoring that history.”

Bragg, whose family history within SC&RA goes back decades, added, “Attendance at the conferences and events was also inspiring, and it was great to see so many new members and growth within the Association this year.”

Overall, 75 years in existence for SC&RA means a lot of things to Bragg. First and foremost is strength. “SC&RA is one of the strongest industry associations in the country,” he indicated. “The members trust the Association and are pleased with the ways they support us and help the industry move forward. SC&RA has the connections and expertise to advocate for us with government on federal and local levels, helping to educate those officials on the needs and requirements of our industry and find solutions that benefit all of us. And beyond the business side, this association has been a huge part of my life – where I’ve built not just business relationships, but strong, lifelong friendships all over the country.”

Collective success

Current SC&RA Chairman, Ed Bernard, echoed Bragg. “You absolutely get out of this association what you put into it,” he maintained. “And I mean that both professionally and personally. It’s sometimes easy to get caught up in the ‘business’ of it all, but you look around SC&RA, and you see people who go on family vacations together, you watch their kids grow up and become members and even leaders. You realize that to be a part of an organization like this is so much more than paying dues and going to meetings. And to celebrate seventy-five years is to acknowledge the collective success of everyone involved.”

Like Bragg and Dandrea, Bernard also took a keen interest in the Legendary book earlier in the year. “I think it was terrific,” he said. “The history, past members, defining moments – everything was recognized well, while still ushering in the new people and companies. Seeing how the Association has evolved, in that way, was both educational and inspiring. It reminds you that we are all stewards during our time here, and it’s our duty to leave the place better than we found it.”

As an international member (Canada), Bernard also sees SC&RA’s anniversary efforts as a way to continue to garner global interest and support. “It’s not lost on us up here north of the border, and I’m sure it’s similar in places around the world – when people and companies see that SC&RA has established such a rich legacy and such a robust network of support and advocacy – including partnerships and coalitions around the world – it’s clear that this Association is worth being a part of.”

Dandrea agreed, “Prime example: we participated in the World Crane & Transport Summit [WCTS] in Singapore back in October, and that took us into a different region of the world, where we’ve had some involvement before. But the ability to go there and, at the same time, recognize our seventy-fifth anniversary on the international level can’t be overstated. These other organizations from around the world notice our footprint, the impact we have on the industry and how long we’ve been able to sustain a high level of productivity and success.”

One international organization that Dandrea has been pleased to work more with in recent years is AGEDI (the Association of Cranes, Equipment and Industrial Devices) – a body that brings together many of Mexico’s most important crane industrialists focused on the development of Mexico’s infrastructure and participating in more than 90 percent of its projects.

“We opened a door to discussion and visitors from AGEDI,” he said. “It’s a newer organization, and we’re fully embracing them as a global partner in sharing information. We’ve provided them with a lot of information on setting up and administering and governing an association – and they’re making great strides.”

Indeed, SC&RA continues to work closely with other like-minded groups around the world as well, like the Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA), the Canadian Crane Rental Association (CCRA), the European Association of Abnormal Road Transport & Mobile Cranes (ESTA), the National Union of Heavy and Exceptional Load Transport and Handling Companies (Sindipesa), and the New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association (NZHHA). With the overall goal to share industry best practices and help create improvements and efficiencies, Dandrea extended an invitation to the Singapore Cranes Association and the Singapore Transport Association at the WCTS to more fully engage in the global alliance.

Looking ahead, Dandrea understands that, while 2023 was a truly successful anniversary year, “… going into 2024, we remain proactively focused on the work we do, and continue to recognize and advocate for members while working hard to represent them within the industry.”

Bernard added, “While none of us will be here in another seventy-five years, that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to work hard on building up our own companies as well as the industry in a way that establishes a foundation for those who will be here. Just like those individuals who started it all back in 1948, it’s our history to shape now – for those that come after.”


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