Scheuerle SPMT PowerHoss works for Friderici

Scheuerle PowerHoss carrying a transformer Friderici used a Scheuerle PowerHoss for the first time on a public road. Photo: Scheuerle

Swiss heavy haulage specialist Friderici Spécial took delivery of SPMT modules from manufacturer TII Scheuerle in Germany and put them straight into operation, making the most of their particular characteristics.

The four SPMT PowerHoss vehicles already moved a transformer, removed tunnel boring machine components and will play an important part in the renewal of the runway at Geneva Airport. They will also be used for transport assignments in the energy and construction sectors as well as in industry.

“To be honest, I had no idea how a SPMT PowerHoss felt when driving. However, now I can say it’s unbelievable how well the modular transporter can be controlled. It can be steered precisely and it is easily adapted to suit the load as well as the incline of the road,” said Stéphane Friderici, managing director.

Putting the equipment straight to work, the first job was to transport two transformers, weighing 100 and 147 tonnes, to Martigny in the Swiss canton of Valais. In what was a first for the company the modular transporter travelled on a public road. It was for the final stage of the journey of around 500 metres.

Permission had to be obtained. “For this, the approval of the Motor Vehicle Control Office Switzerland (MFK) was required. The SPMT PowerHoss was granted this,” explained Stéphane Friderici.

Further application

Another job for the new equipment was described as being a real baptism of fire. It was part of the work to dismantle a tunnel boring machine in the Sarneraatal flood discharge tunnel in the canton of Obwalden.

A lack of space was the key issue in this case. Even though the 88 tonne and 14 x 5 metre load could have gone on a modular trailer there was insufficient space at some points along the transport route. A pulling vehicle combination with modular axle lines would have needed more room.

This applied in particular to the access area to the water retention tunnel. A containment area around 15 metres long was being protected from the Waters of Lake Sarnen by a run of sheet steel piling. It was just possible for Friderici to pull a 14 metre long pipe weighing 190 tonnes out of the tunnel on the PowerHoss.

The TBM parts were removed from the tunnel as planned using the 12 metre long and 2.99 metre wide platform transporter. “The manoeuvrability of the SPMT PowerHoss is almost unbelievable and the handling is impressively easy. It is ideal for use in tunnels, galleries, halls and similar spaces where manoeuvring space availability is very limited,” explained Stéphane Friderici.

Scheuerle PowerHoss emerging from a tunnel carrying a section of tunnel boring machine Friderici’s Scheuerle PowerHoss emerging from a tunnel carrying the cutter head section of a tunnel boring machine. Photo: Scheuerle

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