Sennebogen updates crawler crane range with new 80 tonne capacity model

Sennebogen green telescopic boom crawler crane model 683 E Sennebogen’s fifth generation 683 E telescopic boom crawler crane. Photo: Sennebogen

Manufacturer Sennebogen has added a new generation 80 tonne capacity model to its range of telescopic crawler cranes.

The 683 E from the German manufacturer is a fifth generation model that replaces all previous 683s. It sits in the range between the 70 tonne capacity 673 E and 100 tonne 6103 E. The medium-size class model has a four section, 42 metre, telescopic full power main boom. Reach can be extended to 57 metres with the addition of a double folding offsettable jib.

A wide range of applications is envisaged, helped by having a heavy-duty boom and powerful travel and winch motors. Typical areas include building and below ground construction, bridge construction, pile driving during sheet pile installation, and as an assist crane.

Pick and carry with full chart

On pick and carry duties it can lift out of level at up to 4 degrees. The boom has been reinforced to allow lifting, without reducing the chart, with a boom inclination up to 1.5 degrees out of level.

Power is from a 186 kW Cummins diesel engine to Stage V exhaust emission standards, replacing the Deutz engine on previous models. Each of the main and auxiliary hydraulic winches offers a tractive force of 72 kN and a maximum line speed of 120 m/min.

Previous 683s had two different undercarriage variants. One was telescopic and the other was a Starlifter type, with removable crawler tracks for transport. Now there is one undercarriage variant with removable and telescopic crawler tracks.

The new 683 E‘s telescopic crawler undercarriage offers a maximum track width of 4.2 metres. According the specifics of the application, this can be reduced to 2.68 metres, and can be set asymmetrically. The crane automatically adapts the load chart to suit the track width setting.

Sennebogen green telescopic boom crawler crane model 683 E Sennebogen’s 683 E telescopic boom crawler crane is an 80 tonner. Photo: Sennebogen

Moving from one job to another

For transport it is 3.5 metres wide with the track frames on. Removing them reduces weight by nearly 20 tonnes and brings the transport width down to 3 metres. A visual difference from previous models of 683 is the redesigned counterweight slabs, altered in line with those of other new Sennebogen telescopic boom models.

Another feature is the Maxcab operator cabin which as standard can be tilted by up to 20 degrees. An hydraulically elevating cab can be specified that goes up to 5.55 metres and offers an increased tilt angle of 30 degrees.

A lower maintenance requirement is facilitated by having centralised lubrication for the pin at the base of the boom, the luffing cylinder and the slewing ring. Good access to the service points and clear identification of the components also save time in daily operation, the manufacturer said.


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