French construction company Cobat Constructions used seven Liebherr tower cranes to help build a new residential district on historic ground near Versailles in France.

Seven towers dominate the French skyline. (Photo: Liebherr)

The area, known as Parc du Lac, features a canal from the 17th century; a remnant of the Palace of Versailles’ former water supply system.

Works started

The tower cranes handled the movement of panels, concrete parts and formwork and included a 340 EC-B 16, three 340 EC-B 12s and three 205 EC-B 10s.

The buildings are due to be completed in 2024. (Photo: Liebherr)

The buildings are due to be completed in 2024 and will then provide space for over 500 apartments, commercial premises and public facilities including a crèche, a community centre and a sports centre.

Work began in April 2021 and the cranes arrived on site in June 2022.

Hook heights

The highest hook height was 75 metres with a maximum jib length of 52.68 metres (340 EC-B 12) while the lowest hook height was 40 metres (205 EC-B 10). The shortest jib length used on site was 36.16 metres (340 EC-B 12).

The cranes are designed to lift up to 16 tonnes (340 EC-B 16) and 12 tonnes (340 EC-B 12). Both of those crane models achieve the same maximum hook height (84.7 metres) and radius (78 metres).

The 205 EC-B 10 is able to work at a maximum height of 68.2 metres and is capable of lifting up to 10 tonnes. It can reach a maximum radius of 65 metres.

One 340 EC-B 16, three 340 EC-B 12s and three 205 EC-B 10 tower cranes are on site. (Photo: Liebherr)

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