Seven new flywheel coupling

20 March 2008

New Arcusaflex flywheel coupling sizes for larger engine applications are available from Ringfeder Corp. The seven couplings are in sizes AC 4.1, AC 4.9, AC 5.1, AC 6.1, AC 6.5, AC 13 and AC 13D, bringing the total available to 21 sizes, with torque ranges from 1,770 to 973,580 pounds per inch, which corresponds to approximately 6,500 kW at 1,000 rpm. The couplings come in standard rubber, as well as a silicone mixture to provide heat resistance in high temperature applications. Special configurations are available on request.

The flexible flywheel couplings allow a torsionally soft connection between an internal combustion engine and the driven components of generators, compressors and pumps. A rubber disc element is vulcanized to a choice of bolton sleeve or taper bushing hubs, providing high torsional flexibility and shock absorption capability in reciprocating engine work environments that may experience high angular, axial and/or parallel misalignments. This combination is for applications with up to 140,000 pounds-feet of torque and speeds up to 4,200 rpm.


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