Spierings SK1265-AT6 and the crawler mounted SK2400-R arrive on site at Hong Kong Airport Spierings SK1265-AT6 and the crawler mounted SK2400-R arrive on site at Hong Kong Airport

Contractor Gammon has taken delivery of a pair of mobile folding tower cranes from Spierings to assist in the construction of a third runway at Hong Kong Airport.

The Spierings SK1265-AT6 mobile folding tower crane The Spierings SK1265-AT6 mobile folding tower crane arrives on site

The chosen models were the SK1265-AT6 and the crawler mounted SK2400-R. The SK1265-AT6 on a six axle carrier is the Dutch manufacturer’s largest wheeled model. It can lift its 10 tonne maximum out to a radius of 13.2 metres and has a 60 metre jib, at the end of which it will lift 1.7 tonnes.

The SK2400-R has a crawler track base helping it to a maximum load moment rating of 263 tonne-metres. It has a 42 metre jib as standard and will lift its 18 tonne maximum load to a radius of 14.6 metres. At the end of its jib it will still lift 5.5 tonnes.

Gammon will use the cranes on construction of the tunnels and associated works for an automatic people mover and baggage handling system. Working for the Airport Authority Hong Kong the job consists of two 1,800 metre, eight-cell tunnel structures. The tunnels will allow passengers to move between the new Third Runway concourse and an expanded Terminal 2.

At first Gammon planned to use rail-mounted tower cranes to make the required lifts at various locations on the site. More flexibility was provided by the mobile folding cranes. They can move on site while erected or brought down in about 10 minutes to allow longer travel or to facilitate maintenance.

The crawler mounted Spierings SK2400-R crawler mounted mobile folding tower crane The crawler mounted Spierings SK2400-R crawler mounted mobile folding tower crane

Local Spierings agent Alatas supplied the cranes, the first of their type in the region, the company said. Alatas crane engineers attended a training course at the Spierings factory in preparation for looking after the cranes during their five year contracts. A stock of spare parts is held by Alatas in Hong Kong to minimise delivery time and the cranes will be on a regular service contract.

Ian Drysdale-Banks, Alatas director, mobile crane sales, in South East Asia, commented, “This is the first sale of Spierings cranes in the region. I’m sure Gammon’s Airport project will be a significant introduction and is already generating interest from companies in Hong Kong.”

Florian Philippeau, Alatas Hong Kong general manager, said, “The sale of Spierings mobile tower cranes into Hong Kong marks a real evolution in the crane market and we thank Gammon and the Airport Authority for giving us the opportunity to prove their great advantages and performances for Hong Kong’s projects. Alatas will be here to look after the cranes for the whole project duration to ensure they live up to Gammon’s expectations.”

For Spierings, Jeroen Kerkhoff, export sales representative, said, “1.5 years ago we started the co-operation with Alatas Asia to focus more on the high potential markets in South East Asia. We’re proud to deliver the first cranes to this ‘state of the art’ project in Hong Kong. By this project we can show other potential customers the benefits of the Spierings concept. Together with Alatas Hong Kong we can provide local customers the highest service level customers are used to from Spierings.”


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