Tadano Faun unveils its biggest AT mobile

24 April 2008

New from Tadano Faun in Germany is a 242 ton (220 tonne) capacity all-terrain crane, the largest ever built by the company. The five axle ATF 220G-5 has a 223 foot, seven-section telescopic boom that can be extended under partial load.

Its 242 ton maximum capacity is at 8 foot radius over the rear, while at 10 feet it is 201 tons through 360 degrees. Preliminary information shows it will pick 34 tons at a 65 foot radius and 4.3 tons at 197 feet and maximum counterweight is 78 tons. Boom extensions to 121 feet are available with an integral 18 foot offsettable heavy duty jib.

The two engine crane has Euro IIIA Mercedes-Benz diesels - 150 kW in the upper and 390 kW in the carrier. Drive/steer is 10 x 8 x 8, maximum travel speed is 85 km/h and maximum gradeability is 61% on 16.00 R25 tires. The transmission is a 16-speed ZF AS-Tronic with intarder and two stage transfer box. The carrier is 42 feet long and the overall length is 49 feet. It is 9 feet wide on 16.00 R25 tires.


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