Tadano launches 70 tonne all terrain crane

white and blue Tadano all terrain crane New 70 tonne capacity Tadano AC 4.070-2 all terrain crane with 50 metre boom. Photo: Tadano

Manufacturer Tadano has tagged its latest new crane as the most powerful 70 tonne all terrain crane on the market.

The AC 4.070-2 makes its first appearance at the Bauma trade show in Munich, Germany, from 24 to 30 October.

“To put it simply, we wanted to bring to life a powerful and cutting-edge 70 tonne crane that would deliver the best performance on the market in as many axle load configurations as possible. And to put it plainly, that’s exactly what we did,” claimed Sascha Scholler, project manager responsible for the crane’s development.

With its six-section main boom extended to its full 50 metres, capacity is 7.1 tonnes at a 12 metre radius or 7.3 tonnes at a 10 metre radius. “No other crane in its class can reach these lifting capacities,” Scholler said.

A typical application for this one engine design is as an assist crane to help erect large lattice boom crawler cranes.

Existing models in the Tadano range are the AC 4.070-1 (an upgrade of the Tadano ATF 70G-4 with a Stage V engine) and the long boom version, AC 4.070L-1, both of which were announced in July 2021. These have (five-section) 44 and (six sections) 52.1 metre booms, respectively.

On its four axle carrier, the new AC 4.070-2 can carry its maximum counterweight of 11.9 tonnes in five pieces and remain within a 12 tonne axle load limit. Where the axle load limit is 10 tonnes, 4.4 tonnes can still be carried. Flexibility and versatility are key features, the manufacturer said.

Another benefit is compact dimensions, providing advantages both when on site and when travelling, the manufacturer said. It is 11.7 metres long overall (including boom overhang), 2.5 metres wide and is 3.8 metres high for travel on the road. It is the most compact four-axle unit of its class on the market, Tadano said.

white and blue Tadano all terrain crane The 70 tonne capacity Tadano AC 4.070-2 all terrain crane debuts at Bauma 2022. Photo: Tadano

Longer reach

Boom extension options are a 6.5 metre swing-away jib and a 16 metre double folding swing-away. Maximum system length is then 66 metres. A runner is also available. The main boom has a single cylinder automatic telescoping system.

Standard equipment includes the IC‑1 Plus control system and the Flex Base adjustable outrigger optimisation feature. Combining the two gives performance previously the preserve of larger cranes, Tadano said.

Outrigger spread is anywhere between 2.33 and 6.48 metres.

Power is from a 340 kW Mercedes-Benz OM471 diesel engine driving through a Mercedes-Benz G230-12 automated manual gearbox with 12 forward and two reverse gears. It complies with the EU Stage V exhaust emission regulation and can run on HVO diesel alternative.

Much of the new model’s drivetrain is shared with its larger, 80 and 100 tonne, siblings further up the range. Sharing components also helps operator familiarity and simplifies operation and training by having a common control layout across multiple models.

white and blue Tadano all terrain crane E-Pack electro-hydraulic power unit on the back of the new 70 tonner. Photo: Tadano

Optional extras

Cloud-based telematics can also be specified for fleet management and online troubleshooting by Tadano worldwide.

Another option is the Surround View camera system. It improves the operator’s view 360 degrees around the crane to increase safety and also facilitates a bird’s eye (plan) view of the crane to help position it on site for the best outrigger extension and other requirements.

An option to allow pollution-free operation is a transport cradle and the necessary hydraulic connections to operate the crane from an E-Pack instead of the crane’s diesel engine. E-pack is an electro-hydraulic power system where a 32 kW electric motor drives a hydraulic pump to run the crane.

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white and blue Tadano all terrain crane Tadano AC 4.070-2 all terrain crane new in October 2022. Photo: Tadano


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