Terex American 230 ton HC 230 crawler in development

24 April 2008

By the second quarter of 2007 Terex American plans to introduce the HC 230, a 230 ton capacity lattice crawler crane. The new machine “will bridge the gap between the HC 165 and the HC 275 in the Terex American product offering,” said a Terex source.

Preliminary specs for the HC 230 include a maximum lift capacity of 230 tons at 14 feet radius (77SI boom with hammerhead tip) or 230 tons at 16 feet radius (92HI boom with offset tip).

The two counterweight options are the standard 128,000 pound system (39,000 pound base and 8 x 11,143 pound overlays), or Counterweight Plus, an additional 35,200 pounds counterweight (additional 28,860 pounds of upper counterweight consisting of two 11,143 pound and two 3,000 pound pieces.) The carbody counterweight will consist of two pieces at 17,600 pounds each.

It will be powered by an 8.9 liter 325 hp Tier 3 Cummins QSL9 turbocharged and after-cooled six cylinder diesel engine.

The cab with its curved windows is designed to provide excellent viewing range, and the load moment indicator, with an interactive screen, has a shockless stop system. Comforts also will include an adjustable seat, radio, air conditioner, overhead window, sun visor, fan, overhead and front wipers, and drum rotation indicators, all as standard.

Each of the eight pin-connected pieces in the removable counterweight system can be assembled or disassembled in minutes, the company said. The crane can be transported on nine trucks with 260 feet of boom and standard counterweight package. At 11 feet 6 inches wide and 11 feet 3 inches high, the basic HC 230 will transport on a standard lowboy trailer.


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