Terex to debut flat top tower crane

27 March 2019

Terex will show off the 11-ton capacity Terex CTT 202-10 flat top tower crane. The new model offers three chassis options 12.5-foot, 14.8-foot and 19.7-foot base selections. Using Terex transfer masts, the new crane can be configured with H20, TS21 and TS16 masts, offering from 5.2- to 6.9-foot widths so that customers can manage component inventory while cost-effectively meeting tower height needs.

Terex CTT 202-10.jpg

The Terex CTT 202-10 is ready for installation of the Terex Tower Telematics, T-Link.

The CTT 202-10 can be configured in nine different jib configurations from 82 to 213.3 feet. It delivers a maximum 11-ton capacity at a length reaching 79.4-feet, depending on jib and counterweight set-up, and can hoist up to a 2.3-ton load at the maximum 213.3-foot jib length. Terex Cranes’ Terex Power Plus feature will temporarily allow for an increase of the maximum load moment under specific and controlled conditions by 10 percent, giving the operator extra lifting capacity during those conditions.

Depending on tower configuration, the CTT 202-10 crane has a maximum under hook height of 251.6 feet and provides a maximum crane height to shorten erection time. The CTT 202 will also be available with an 8-tonne capacity version, the CTT 202-8.


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