Thai launch for new Tadano crane

three people side by side celebrating crane deal Somkieat Jiviriyawa, Tadano Italthai executive vice president, Shigeki Nozawa, Tadano Italthai managing director, and Pramote Sanitwaja, chief executive officer at Saha Crane Service introducing the TM-ZX1205HRS loader crane at Saha Crane Auction. Photo: Tadano

Tadano chose to launch its new truck mounted crane in Thailand, its biggest market for the crane type and one where it has a new dealer.

The Japanese manufacturer’s new TM-ZX1205HRS truck mounted loader crane is aimed at construction, transportation, and logistics companies. Tadano Italthai, importer and distributor of Tadano-branded cranes and lifting equipment for Thailand and Lao People’s Democratic Republic, revealed and demonstrated the new crane at Saha Crane Auction Co. Saha is a newly appointed Tadano TM dealer.

Market return

Shigeki Nozawa, Tadano Italthai managing director, made the introduction. “Following Thailand’s reopening, we believe that public and private infrastructure projects will soon resume. As the leader in TM crane market in Thailand, I proudly would like to inform you that we are launching the new truck mounted crane model TM-ZX1205HRS,” Nozawa told the approximately 100 people at the event.

The new 12 tonner bridges the gap in the Tadano TM series between the 10 tonne (15 tonne-metre) TM-ZX1000 and the 15 tonne (30 tonne-metre) TM-ZX1500 model series.

The TM-ZX1205HRS is one of three models in Tadano’s new TM-ZX1200 series first announced in ICST here. It lifts 12 tonnes at 1.6 metres radius. Like the HS and MH versions, the new 22 tonne-metre rated TM-ZX1205HRS offers a maximum outrigger spread of 5.5 metres.

Technical features

Wide outrigger spread coupled with increased capacity greatly improve its lifting performance compared with previous models in the same class, Tadano said.

The Safety Eyes system referred to by Shigeki Nozawa is one of several new technological and safety innovations from Tadano. AML with Safety Eyes improves vision and control for the operator. It monitors the overload moment and gives a warning or stops the crane once the load moment reaches 100 per cent.

There is also a basket mode for the TM-ZX1200HRS with a support mount for the basket at the tip of the boom so it can be used for aerial work.

blue and white Tadano truck mounted loader crane The new Tadano TM-ZX1205HRS was launched in Thailand, this crane type’s biggest market. Photo: Tadano


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