tower crane Q&A

30 April 2008

The CCO Tower Crane Operator certification program was introduced last year. Here are answers to frequent questions from candidates.

If I'm already certified in mobile cranes, will I get a separate card fortower crane operator certification?

No. The same certification card is used for operators who are certified in mobiles and in towers. If you are already certified in mobiles, and you become certified in towers, you may request an updated card showing that you are also certified in tower crane operation.

Are the tower crane written examinations offered at the same sites and times as the mobile crane exams?

Yes, an examination site can request that candidates who want to be certified in tower cranes also take the examination at the same time as candidates certifying in mobile cranes.

Will the same practical examination test sites that administer mobile crane practical exams also administer tower crane practical exams?

It depends on the equipment available. In some cases a test site will offer practical exams in all mobile and tower crane types, while other sites may only offer exams in one or two. If you have difficulty locating a test site for your choice of practical exam please contact CCO.

If I am currently certified as a mobile crane operator, will I have to send in a physical (medical) form to take my tower crane exam?

No. Only new candidates need to provide the physical (medical) form, but keep in mind that one of the conditions of certification is that you continue to comply with B30 medical requirements throughout your certification period.

What are the candidate fees for the tower crane certification exams?

The fee for the tower crane written exam is $165 and for the practical exam it is $60. If, however, you are already certified as a mobile crane operator the fee for the written exam is $75, and $50 for the practical exam. Note that if you do not want to have an updated card reflecting both your mobile crane and tower crane certifications, the fee for the written exam is just $50.

Also, if you are applying to take both the mobile and written exams at the same time, you pay only $50 for the written and $50 for the practical examination.

Do I have to get training before I sit the exams?

CCO exams are designed for crane operators who have received training. While you are not required to go through a formal training program before you sit the exams, CCO strongly recommends you do. To give an independent assessment of crane operator knowledge and skill, CCO does not provide training directly, but does maintain a list of training firms that have indicated they will provide preparatory training for the CCO examinations.


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