Tower Crane Q&A

30 April 2008

The CCO Tower Crane Operator certification program was introduced last year. Here are answers to frequent questions from candidates.

What do I have to do to become certified as a tower crane operator?

You need to pass the tower crane written examination, pass the tower crane practical examination, and meet medical (physical) requirements as outlined in the candidate handbook (tower cranes).

Is the tower exam a specialty like the large and small telescopic exams?

No, the tower crane examination is a stand-alone examination. You are not required to take the core exam for mobile crane operators unless you wish to certify in mobile cranes.

If I am already certified as a mobile crane operator, can I become certified as a tower crane operator?

Yes, you would just follow theprocedures outlined above.

If I am certified both for mobile cranes and tower cranes will I have a different expiration date for each?

No. A CCO-certified operator can only have one expiration date; an individual cannot have different expiration dates or separate certification cards for mobile crane and tower crane certification.

If I am already certified in mobile cranes when I certify in tower cranes, do I have to re-certify on both of them when my mobile crane certification comes up?It depends on how much time you still had on your mobile crane certification when you took the tower crane examination. If you certify in tower cranes within 24 months of your mobile crane expiration, you don't have to take the tower re-certification exam when you take your next mobile crane re-certification exam.

What if I have more than 24 months left on my mobile crane certification when I certify on tower cranes?

If there is more than 24 months remaining in your mobile crane certification when you certify in tower cranes, you need to take the tower crane re-certification exam when you re-certify in mobiles.


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