Tracked Carriers launches its largest carrier model to date

Clint and Ryan Price of Cobra Lifting with the 4000 Pro from Tracked Carriers Clint and Ryan Price of Cobra Lifting with the 4000 Pro from Tracked Carriers. (PHOTO: Tracked Carriers)

United Kingdom-based company Tracked Carriers has almost doubled the carrying capacity of its Pro-series range of crawler carriers, with the launch of its biggest model to date. 

The new all-electric 4000 Pro is a compact model that weighs less than 1 tonne, but it can carry up to a 4-tonne load.

It is the sister model to the manufacturer’s 2200 R, 1200 Pro and 700 Pro, which are all designed to transport long and bulky loads through tight spaces, thus removing the need for manual handling.

The 4000 Pro features a rotating deck that can be extended out to 2m x 4m to handle larger loads and - when used in tandem with Tracked Carriers’ Super Dolly, can handle weights of up to 8 tonnes.

Manufacturer Tracked Carriers says it has already received a number of orders for the large model. It revealed that the first 4000 Pro unit would be delivered to spider crane rental company, Cobra Lifting Services. 

Owned and managed by Clint Price and his son Ryan Price, Cobra already has Tracked Carriers’ 1200 and 2200 models in its fleet.

“We have a strong relationship with Tracked Carriers and actually offered to field test the 4000 Pro for them when it was in development,” said Clint Price.

“We were so impressed with it that when we handed it back, we placed the first order. It is a versatile machine, which is vital for the varied work we do. During the test phase we had it carrying bundles of steel beams and the amount you can fit on such a small and compact machine is impressive.”

Ryan Price added, “We use the Tracked Carriers on our own contract lifting jobs and find them invaluable. We have used them to transport everything from pizza ovens to hot tubs.

“We started with one machine, but they are so popular with our clients and so useful that it has quickly grown from there. This is partly down to the productivity benefits they bring, but also safety.

“A Tracked Carrier eliminates three men pushing a barrow and replaces it with one man remotely controlling a machine. You can’t get your fingers stuck in the steel from behind the controller and going up gradients is much safer. The lads really appreciate it as it makes their jobs much easier.”

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