Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff moved a 70 year old chestnut tree 115 metres from its original location to make way for a new 60-unit residential project in Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands.

The tree was moved 115 metres from its original location (Photo: Faymonville Group)

Rather than destroying the tree, it was lifted out of the ground by crane and the roots wrapped in wet cloth to protect them from drying out.

Property developer Bogor made the decision due to the tree’s size and after learning it had already been transplanted once before in the past.

The white horse-chestnut tree, which weighs around 40 tonnes, was then lowered onto a Faymonville ModulMax modular vehicle.

The tree's roots were wrapped in wet cloth to stop them drying out (Photo: Faymonville Group)

Sjoerd Nederhoff said, “Crossing curbs, dodging street lights and maintaining balance at the same time requires a stable and compact transportation solution that is intuitive to use. The 6-axle module from Faymonville is ideal for a task like this.”

Its new, and hopefully final, location is in Anna van Burenlaan, where it was delivered safely.


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