TransWorld debuts dolly features

06 May 2015

TransWorld Manufacturing announced two new patent pending features for its custom boom dollies: an articulating limiter and an air actuated remote steering system. They are designed to offer a new degree of mobility and safety to cranes that must travel with articulating boom dollies.

The articulating limiter is a new standard feature which uses specially manufactured nylon straps to limit the degree of articulation of the dolly. The straps are installed between the front and rear frame halves allowing the crane to be reversed around a corner or curve while remaining connected to the dolly. Turning while in forward movement is unaffected by the use of this apparatus.

Prior to the development of the limiter, the driver would have to actuate a locking pin on the dolly before reversing and then could only reverse in a straight line. This feature is ideal for emergency backup situations, as it virtually eliminates the risk of “jack-knifing” the boom dolly.

Secondly, TransWorld developed an air actuated remote steering system. This innovation allows a spotter or the driver to steer the dolly via wireless remote control while in reverse. The ability to actively control the direction of the dolly greatly increases the maneuverability of the entire crane vehicle and will allow crews to get the machine in and out of areas previously not possible to navigate.

Both features were designed, engineered and manufactured by TransWorld Manufacturing Company and patents are pending.


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