Tricky transport job for Krebs with Faymonville

Krebs Korrosionsschutz transported five 325 tonne MAN diesel engines out of a warehouse to the edge of the pier at Cuxport deep water terminal in Germany.

engine on trailer in german port Each engine weighed 325 tonnes (Photo: Faymonville)

The Krebs teams assembled a self-propelled heavy duty platform trailer for this task in the form of a 12-axle variant with a 372 kW power pack.

Challenging spaces

The smaller size of the warehouse doorway was a challenge.

The loading height in the driving position of the combined module and load was over 8.07 metres and the clearance height of the door was 8.1 metres, a miniscule gap to fit.

engine on faymonville trailer in warehouse The cargo stored inside the warehouse (Photo: Faymonville)

“We had precise transport technology like the 3,000 mm-wide and 8-fold tyred ModulMax,” said Krebs supervisor Jörg Neuhäusel, explaining the demanding boundary conditions.

The electronic steering ensured millimetre precision and the 4.5 metre wide combination steered safely through after which a pontoon crane was waiting abeam to lift the engines into the freight ship.


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