What are the latest boom truck models hitting North America?

Boom trucks are the bread and butter of the crane industry. Simple to operate, reliable and versatile, recent new models are pushing the envelope with increased capacities and innovative features, while still standing out from other mobile crane classes. With infrastructure projects seeing a resurgence, these machines are gearing up for increased use, with improved features.

ACT spoke with several boom truck manufacturers to learn more about their newest models.

A big reveal

Kept under wraps until the first day on ConExpo, Manitex International unveiled the all new TC850 Series truck-mounted crane. The TC85159 features an 85-ton base rating at a 10-foot radius and a 5-section 159-foot, full power, proportionally extended boom with 168-foot tip height and 228-foot tip height when equipped with an optional 2-piece, 30 to 60-foot bi-fold offset lattice jib.

The new boom design provides excellent relative stiffness in long reach applications making it attractive to steel erectors and other high duty cycle applications where production work is key, Manitex said. The TC85159 has a 360-degree area of operation without the need for a front/fifth outrigger. Non-equal outrigger positioning, along with increased ground penetration, will afford the operator quick set up in confined spaces and on uneven terrain.

“Manitex is pleased to launch our 85-ton high reach truck mounted crane with an all-new outrigger design, eliminating the need for a front jack,” said Jeff Long, general manager of sales, Manitex. “We are confident that the capabilities of the new TC850 will be well received by the crane industry.”

Long said Manitex has received orders for the TC850 from Houston-based CraneWorks.

Manitex also launched the ECSY electric crane system at ConExpo. ECSY is designed for lifting applications in low noise and emissions-sensitive environments. This first system is a self-contained pin-on design with a 480-volt electric motor and variable displacement hydraulic pump supplying power to the crane. Manitex said it is highly effective for jobs requiring the crane to remain on site for extended periods. It runs off local power.

The TC50155E ECSY is Manitex’s first boom truck offering a ‘green solution.’

“Manitex [has launched] the first-of-its-kind electric crane,” said Long. “The voice of the customer played a critical role in bringing this new and exciting optional module for the Manitex TC series cranes to market. The ECSY is designed to be easily moved from one crane to another in rental fleets that are equipped with the ‘ECSY Ready’ package.”

The unit at the show was on a crane in the colors of Rush Crane & Refuse Systems.

Countless configurations

National Crane’s application engineering team collaborated with customers and truck manufacturer Peterbilt to offer the NBT45-2 boom truck version that increases usability without sacrificing lifting capacity. The NBT45-2, part of the NBT40-2 Series, can be designed in countless configurations when paired with the right truck chassis.

First introduced at Work Truck Week 2023, the NBT45-2 offers a configuration that does not require a single front outrigger. The 45-ton boom truck highlights the role that Manitowoc’s Truck Mod Center and Lift Solutions departments play in developing customized solutions to meet the industry’s evolving needs. The extended torsion box model is one example of the infinite configurations that can be engineered to ensure that a customer’s truck and crane are the perfect match and are field-ready when they leave the factory.

National Crane collaborated with Peterbilt to design the NBT45-2, which can be configured so that it doesn’t require a front outrigger.

In the 40- and 45-ton boom truck classes, the single front outrigger (SFO) is generally required for full 360-degree stability. Despite not having a separate support frame for the crane, this crane and truck combination still performs at full capacity at all points around the crane, Manitowoc said. To introduce this product, the engineering team talked directly with boom truck owners and operators about how to make the product functional for their applications.

“We often get feedback to eliminate any additional setup steps, and not having to remember to engage or disengage the SFO saves time,” said Bob Ritter, National Crane product manager. “Not having an SFO on the front of the chassis also prevents potential damage to the truck should the vehicle be traveling in more off-road situations like power line rights-of-ways.”

The AC65E-155S is Altec’s newest boom truck that made its debut at ConExpo 2023.

On the jobsite, the simplified setup allows outriggers to be quickly set and hook blocks unstowed using the front bumper-mounted controls, removing the need to climb in and out of truck and crane cabs. Optional wireless remote controls make this process even more efficient, Manitowoc said.

Designed for versatility

The AC65E-155S is Altec’s newest boom truck. It was also shown for the first time at ConExpo 2023. The machine is dual-rated and offers both class-leading lifting capacity as well as industry-first personnel platform capabilities, the company said.

As a material hoisting device, this machine features a maximum capacity of 130,000 pounds and is equipped with a six-section main boom with 155 feet of maximum extended length. As an A92.2 aerial device, the AC65E features a 1,200 pound two-person platform, a maximum working height of 216 feet and an available side reach of up to 110 feet.

Boom truck upper with crawler lower

Elliott Equipment Company has launched the integration of its 34142 tracked mounted crane with a Marooka 4500VDL carrier, designed for offroad lifting projects. The machine offers the capabilities of a boom truck crane mounted on a crawler track. It has a 34-ton lifting capacity with a 142-foot tip height.


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