Wolffkran to order 10 Vita Load Navigators

Following announcement of a distribution agreement two months ago, load control equipment specialist Vita industrial will supply ten units of its Load Navigator to tower crane manufacturer Wolffkran.

The Vital Load Navigator is designed to enable shorter lift cycle times, increase efficiency with faster and more accurate load placement, and minimize downtime from bad weather.

“Wolffkran has confirmed the purchase of 10 units of the Vita Load Navigator (VLN) technology for immediate delivery,” Vita said. The units will be available for rent or to buy. Vita Industrial said it anticipates a surge in demand and additional orders.

Caleb Carr, Vita Inclinata Technologies chairman and CEO. Photo: Vita Inclinata Technologies

Commenting on the deal Caleb Carr, CEO at Vita industrial parent company Vita Inclinata Technologies, said, “Our collaboration with Wolffkran has exceeded our expectations, and we are excited to witness the rapid adoption of Vita Load Navigator technology. Together, we are empowering construction professionals with innovative solutions that will drive industry advancements for years to come.”

Duncan Salt, Wolffkran CEO. Photo: Wolffkran

For his part Duncan Salt, Wolffkran CEO, was quoted as saying, “The overwhelmingly positive response we’ve received underscores the transformative potential of our collaboration with Vita Industrial. We are proud to bring the Vita Load Navigator technology to our partners worldwide, enhancing their lifting operations and setting new standards for efficiency and safety.”


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