World’s latest largest and strongest tower crane launched in China

launch ceremony for Zoomlion R20000-720 record-breaking tower crane Unveiling the record-breaking Zoomlion R20000-720 tower crane in China. Photo: Zoomlion

What is claimed as the world’s largest and strongest tower crane has been unveiled by Chinese manufacturer Zoomlion.

A ceremony to launch the 720 tonne capacity flat top tower crane was held on 20 April at the Zoomlion factory in the city of Changde, Hunan Province, China.

Manufacturer Zoomlion gives its R20000-720 a maximum load moment of 20,000 tonne-metres and a maximum hoisting height of 400 metres. To make the numbers more relatable the manufacturer equates the capability as being able to lift 500 cars to a height of 130 storeys.

The giant crane was demonstrated at the launch event with a 900 tonne test load on the hook.

side view of giant Zoomlion R20000-720 record-breaking tower crane The Zoomlion R20000-720 tower crane with 900 tonne test load at the factory in Changde, Hunan Province, China. Photo: Zoomlion

Unusual design features

Like its similarly record-breaking 450 tonne predecessor, it has a large luffing jib tower crane sprouting from the head of the main crane’s mast. This acts as a support crane.

Another interesting design feature is the moveable counter weight system, the radius of which can be finely adjusted along the counter jib. It moves according to the load on the hook and taking into account wind conditions. This system allows a “significant improvement of more than 60 percent in hoisting performance,” the company said.

In addition, its upper structure is claimed to be 20 % lighter than conventional tower crane designs, making it easier to transport, install and assemble or disassemble.

In terms of development time, Zoomlion said it took eight months from drawing board to completed assembly. That is two months less than for the Zoomlion W12000-450 a previous record-holding tower crane of similar design from 2021.

This latest giant tower crane will be deployed for construction of the Ma’anshan Yangtze River highway-railway bridge in China. It is a three-tower cable stayed bridge with the longest span in the world, Zoomlion said.

This latest giant’s figures exceed those of the 15,000 tonne-metre rated XCMG XGT15000-600S announced in late 2021, after the 450 Zoomlion mentioned above.


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