The 380 lines of Cometto SPMT carried the giant dock 300 metres The 18,000 tonne floating dock was moved 300 metres on SPMT for the load out onto a barge. Photo: Cometto

An 18,000 tonne dock module, 62 metres wide and standing more than 20 metres tall, is an undeniably impressive sight in its own right. Even more spectacular was when that colossus started to move, borne on 380 axle lines of self propelled modular transporter (SPMT).

It was a load out project in South Korea at SangSangIn Ship Machinery in GwangYang port. After much preparation work the 260 metre-long module was moved just 300 metres in the first part of its journey, loading out onto a barge for the journey by sea to Egypt.

Standing at 22.5 metres tall the module was carried on 380 modular axle lines of Cometto MSPE type SPMT. It was a combined fleet of axle line modules from three local heavy load companies: Anjeon, DaeMyung and Global.

Columns of Cometto type MSPE from three heavy load companies lined up together. Photo: Cometto

Colossus on Cometto

“The three companies have sent their SPMT fleets to the site to master the challenge. A total of 380 modular axle lines of Cometto MSPE has been assembled, composed by sixty-two 6-axle units two 4-axle units,” said Alberto Di Stefano, Cometto sales manager.

The SPMT was arranged in 12 independent vehicles, each one driven by a 335 kW power pack unit. Four areas were supported under each corner of the dock, Cometto said. With the SPMT driven under the load the position of the supports was adjusted slightly before the load out was then completed.

“Such projects are realisable thanks to the payload capacity of the Cometto MSPE which reaches a value of up to 70 tonnes per axle line – the highest amount on the market. Additionally, the patented Cometto Dual-Link suspension offers an optimised force repartition in the suspension structure. The axle geometry gives the highest possible precision during the load positioning,“ Di Stefano continued.

The floating dock is for the Suez Canal Authority of Egypt. It can lift vessels weighing as much as 35,000 tonnes. The cost was around €64 million. Manufacturing started in May 2022 and less than a year later it was finished and ready to go.

Collossal floating dock on 380 axle lines of Cometto SPMT type MSPE The floating dock was 260 metres long by 62 metres wide and more than 20 metres tall. Photo: Cometto


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