Big Enerpac lifter for Baumann

Enerpac SBL600 set up to receive the 176 tonne transformer for its onsite move Enerpac SBL600 set up outside to transfer the 176 tonne transformer for its onsite move towards installation indoors. Photo: Baumann

Heavy lift transport and logistics company Baumann in Germany has boosted its heavy lift equipment fleet with a new 600 tonne capacity telescopic hydraulic gantry lifting system.

The Enerpac SBL600 is designed to offer high capacity lifting capability in a small footprint, often in industrial applications where you can’t get a crane in.

First application of the new system was to install a 176 tonne transformer in a power plant in Germany. Before being moved indoors the gantry system was set up outside the building to lift the transformer from the flat-bed trailer it was delivered on. Transfer to self propelled modular transporter then saw it carried into the power plant.

Baumann’s latest acquisition is the company’s first Enerpac system. It replaces an old existing system.

Increased capability

“With the Enerpac SBL600 we have found exactly what we were looking for to replace our existing gantry,” said Sabine Baumann-Duvenbeck, Baumann managing director and CEO. “We’ve been impressed with the advances in gantry technology in the SBL600, such as wireless controls for the gantry and side shifts, allowing unrestricted operator positioning. Also, automatic synchronous lifting and built in safety alarms to alert the operator of unsafe conditions. Add to this its smaller footprint and folding boom that makes it easier to transport to site, the SBL600 gantry is a significant addition to our heavy lift fleet.”

Capacity of the SBL600 is 612 tonnes and its maximum lifting height is 10.6 metres. Options specified include the electrically operated side shift. Mounted on the header beams it minimises the headroom requirement to maximise available lifting height. For easier transport the telescopic boom towers can be folded down to minmise loading height.


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