Doosan VINA delivers 2,600 tonnes of components

Doosan VINA's first shipment to the Van Phong 1 Thermal Power Plant Doosan VINA’s first shipment to the Van Phong 1 Thermal Power Plant in Vietnam included over 1,000 tonnes of steel structural components.

Doosan Heavy Industries Vietnam (Doosan VINA) has delivered 2,600 tonnes of equipment, as part of two separate logistics contracts for power generation projects in Thailand and Vietnam.

The company, which manufacturers and transports infrastructure products for the industrial sector, recently delivered over 1,000 tonnes of steel structural components to Vietnam’s Van Phong 1 Thermal Power Plant.

The shipment was the first of 19 deliveries made on behalf of the Japanese heavy industry manufacturer IHI Corporation. The largest piece of equipment included in the shipment weighed 32 tonnes and measured 3 metres high, 23 metres long and 4 metres wide.

According to Doosan VINA, the component order took around 7 months to manufacture during the Coronavirus pandemic and required the manufacturer to alter its production process. 

Doosan VINA's Van Phong 1 shipment

Huynh Van Ke, department leader of the MHS shop, said, “To catch up with the delivery schedule as well as ensure product quality under the strict requirements of Japanese customer, we’ve created and applied lots of improvements during the production process. Especially, the parallel welding of two machines for the Box-column category. This innovation not only helps us to meet the delivery time but also improves product quality and is highly appreciated by our customer.”

He added, “Before getting to fabrication, we also conducted checking the imported material specifications and conducting visual inspections under the witness of the IHI representatives. This is one of the most important steps in the project implementation process.”

Doosan VINA’s full contract with IHI Corporation was signed in April of 2020. It comprises the transport nearly 9,000 tonnes of steel structures, such as columns, beams, H-braces, monorail beams and elevator shafts.

These will be installed on the first floor of the Van Phong power plant, which is due for completion in May 2022. 

Doosan VINA's Sriracha Refinery shipment

In addition to the Van Phong project, the company has also completed the final delivery of over 1,600 tonnes of TOP fired heater components for the Sriracha Refinery in Thailand.

Part of a contract with Korean industrial equipment manufacturer JNK Heaters, Doosan VINA signed the deal in September 2019 and has now delivered a total of 3,772 tonnes of equipment to the Sriracha Refinery.

Doosan VINA said, “The completion of these two shipments has brought Doosan Vina’s total export turnover from the beginning of the year to over 7,500 tonnes to date.”

Doosan VINA's Sriracha Refinery shipment

Doosan VINA's Sriracha Refinery shipment

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