Fanger upgrades with 700 tonne Liebherr

silver crane lifting long beams at shallow boom angle Hydraulically extending the counterweight radius during a lift allowed the 650 tonner to reach all the way in a single move. Photo: Liebherr

Swiss crane rental specialist Fanger Kran replaced an old 500 tonne capacity Liebherr wheeled mobile crane with a new 700 tonne LTM 1650-8.1 and put it straight to work.

The company based in central Switzerland used its LTM 1500-8.1 for 20 years before the latest fleet upgrade. In taking over from the 500 tonner, the new one was put to work, on a project to construct a gymnasium in Sursee, near Lucerne. Rigged with the T3 boom and 155 tonnes of counterweight, it lifted concrete trusses, each weighing close to 60 tonnes onto the shell of the new building.

It was helpful on this job, during the first part of the lift, to be able to set the counterweight radius to its minimum, allowing placement of the crane as close as possible to the building and reducing overhang. With the precast concrete elements swung over the building, the radius was then hydraulically re-set, to its maximum of 8.40 metres. This removed the need for twenty tonnes of counterweight, which therefore did not need to be transported to the construction site, Liebherr explained.

More capacity for the same size

Stefan Fuchs, Fanger project manager, commented on his company’s choice of new crane, “We simply wanted the most powerful mobile crane on eight axles.”

The latest fleet addition allows Fanger to complete projects not previously possible, Fuchs said. “With the same dimensions as its predecessor, it delivers a significantly higher lifting capacity.”

Its total weight can be reduced to 53 tonnes for road travel where necessary, Fuchs continued. Quick-release fasteners are used to allow removal of the boom and the front outriggers for separate transport. “This makes it even lighter than a normal five-axle crane,” Fuchs continued, “This is crucial for us, because when driving in mountainous regions we often have limits in terms of the maximum weight of the vehicles. Also, all eight axles on the new crane are steerable.”

In light of the general tendency for increasingly heavy loads Fuchs said, “The new crane came at exactly the right time for us.” After the Sursee project, in addition to other outside jobs, the new crane is expected to see frequent use at Fanger’s own precast element factory and construction materials plant.

new and old silver all terrain Liebherr cranes The 20 year old 500 tonner, left, and its new 700 tonne replacement, the LTM 1650-8.1. Photo: Liebherr

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