How collision avoidance systems are improving safety on tunnel project

Collision avoidance specialist AMCS Technologies explains its involvement in the Fehmarn Link project with crane supplier Normas. Alex Dahm reports.

The Fehmarn Link is a spectacular project to construct a tunnel under the Baltic sea linking Denmark and Germany.

Five Liebherr towers at the Fehmarn Link tunnel factory site fitted with the AMCS DCS 61-S collision avoidance system. (Photo: Femern AS)

As its construction progresses it continues to garner global attention and promises to revolutionise transport and trade between the two countries and beyond. It is an ambitious undertaking involving construction of the world’s longest immersed tunnel for both rail and road traffic that spans approximately 18 kilometres.

AMCS Technologies, working in partnership with crane provider Normas, has supplied and integrated its collision avoidance systems into a fleet of cranes crucial to the project’s success.

Normas provided a fleet of tower cranes for the project, with installations at two separate sites. At the tunnel factory site there are two Liebherr 630 EC-H and three Liebherr 380 EC-B tower cranes, all travelling on rails and all are equipped with AMCS DCS 61-S collision avoidance systems.

At the TPR (tunnel portal ramps) site there are five tower cranes, fitted with the DCS 61-S. In December, an additional crane will be erected there and it will also receive a DCS 61-S to manage interferences.

Making the decision

Normas selected AMCS as supplier for collision avoidance systems on the basis of it having several key advantages that made the collaboration a natural choice. One of the driving factors was the company’s flexibility and commitment to simplifying the integration process, it said.

How the different tunnels will be arranged under the Baltic. (Image: Femern AS)

AMCS worked closely with Normas to streamline the integration of systems, making it efficient and cost-effective. A pivotal aspect of the collaboration was AMCS’ commitment to empower Normas technicians, offering comprehensive training from the start and ensuring the technical staff could operate autonomously with the systems. This approach eliminated the need for costly and time-consuming service interventions, allowing Normas to maintain control over its operations.

The partnership between AMCS and Normas takes a collaborative approach to safety and efficiency in the construction industry. Normas cited AMCS’ commitment to responsiveness. Rapid support was requested in cases of any technical request or issue. SIM cards in DCS 61-S systems allows remote assistance and helps ensure minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

Commenting on the project Radoine Bouajaj, AMCS Technologies sales director, says, “Once again, our solutions are in demand for a complex and sensitive project. We are proud to support a partner such as Normas that focuses on safety issues and sets anticollision awareness as a priority.

Construction progress at the Rodbyhavn tunnel portal in September 2023. (Photo: Femern AS)

“We explore how jobsite requirements and our solutions performance complement each other in the working environment to best support our customers’ expectations.”

For his part Leif Lundstad Nielsen, Normas sales and department manager, commented, “AMCS Technologies’ commitment to empowering our technicians through training has been instrumental in ensuring our autonomy and efficiency. The quality of their products and the responsiveness of their technical support have surpassed our expectations. We appreciate the partnership that has allowed us to enhance safety and productivity on the Fehmarn Link project.”

In addition to safety, the AMCS and Normas partnership is said to show a commitment to sustainability. Minimising accident risks and associated downtime makes the project more environmentally sound, consuming fewer resources and producing less waste, AMCS says.


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