New Potain luffer promises savings

erected freestanding Manitowoc Potain MCR 305 luffing jib tower crane Two versions of the MCR 305 are available, with capacities of 20 or 25 tonnes and a maximum 60 metre jib. Photo: Manitowoc Potain

A new luffing jib tower crane from Manitowoc’s Potain division promises jobsite savings to increase the efficiency of construction projects.

Its optimised design means the new MCR 305 offers benefits that include fewer building ties when climbing and a shorter out of service radius than on previous models. Engineering was done jointly by teams in France and China.

Two versions are available, both with a 60 metre maximum jib. The MCR 305 H25 offers a capacity of 25 tonnes with a tip load of 3 tonnes. MCR 305 H20 lifts 20 tonnes and offers a tip load of 3.1 tonnes.

To reach a height of 194.3 metres the new model needs six tower ties to the building. The existing MCR 295 needs 11 ties to reach 192.6 metres. In addition to saving money, fewer ties helps reduce the time pressure on the tight schedules of today’s projects.

With a full 60 metre jib the out of service radius on the MCR 305 is 12.5 metres, not far off half the 22 metres of the MCR 295, also with a 60 metre jib. This could be enough to mean the difference between being able to get two cranes on a cramped site instead of just one, the manufacturer said.

The rear counterjib swing radius on both versions is 8.7 metres.

Voice of the customer

Leong Kwong-Joon, regional product manager for Potain tower cranes at Manitowoc, commented, “We’ve had extensive conversations with customers and the insights we gained have helped us develop an impressive new luffing jib crane. Strength gains are realised along the entire length of the jib. There are also great savings for customers in climbing higher faster, and better productivity with a substantially reduced out-of-service radius. We’re excited to launch this new model to market.”

Manitowoc Potain MCR 305 luffing jib tower crane offers a counter jib swing radius of 12.5 metres Manitowoc’s new Potain MCR 305 luffing jib tower crane allows time and cost savings on construction projects. Photo: Manitowoc Potain

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