BAR-S Services’ ATC-3275 on the clock for 96 hours

Cheyenne, WY-based BAR-S Services (BAR-S) took ownership of a new 275-ton ATC-3275 all-terrain crane from Link-Belt distributor Strong’s Crane Service. In their nearly third decade of operation (founded in 1990), BAR-S specializes in erecting and dismantling oil rigs, supporting the oil and gas industry in northeastern Colorado and Wyoming. When not supporting the oil and gas industry, the company operates their new ATC-3275 as a taxi crane covering a 300 mile working radius.

“Our primary work is moving drilling rigs, but we also work with other transportation and production facilities moving large equipment,” said co-founder of BAR-S Services, Patty Smith.

Bar-S uses the Link-Belt all-terrain crane to perform tandem lifts up to 240,000 pounds and solo lifts up to 100,000 pounds on rig moves. A drilling rig can have up to 50 lifts to disassemble and once Bar-S has the rig loaded on semi-trailer and moved, the process is reversed for assembly at a new location.

In late 2017, Bar-S used their ATC-3275 to complete a rig move in Greeley, CO. The following day the ATC-3275 travels 175 miles to Casper, WY to lift a 145,000 pound transformer. The ATC-3275 lifts and places the transformer on a long haul truck using 8-part line while keeping the load inside a 25-foot radius.

On day three, the ATC-3275 is dispatched with minimal counterweight to Laramie, WY to lift multiple 20,000-30,000 gallon fuel tanks for a new Love’s Travel Center. Remote controlled directional boom floodlights on the crane ease the process of attaching rigging in the dark, as well as for placing the large 37-57 feet. long cylindrical tanks.

Over the course of 96 hours the ATC-3275 has made over 50 lifts, in three towns, travelling more than 1,000 miles to handle the taxi work required of northeastern Colorado and Wyoming.


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