World record all terrain crane goes to work

XCMG XCA3000 all terrain crane makes its first lift on a wind farm in China Lifting a 95 metre-long wind turbine blade to a hub height of 107 metres in China. Photo: XCMG

The 3,000 tonne XCA3000, claimed as the world’s highest capacity all terrain crane, has been put to work for the first time.

The flagship model of Chinese manufacturer XCMG completed assembly of a wind turbine in Liaoning Province, China. Site of the landmark lift was the Dashiqiao Xintai New Energy 200 MW wind park in Yingkou.

It is one of three similar applications for the first batch of XCA3000 units delivered. This one went to Liaoning Kaisheng Electric Power, while the others were for Jiangsu Shenlong and Tianjin Zhongda Henghai Electric Power.

“The global debut of XCMG’s first 3,000 tonne wheeled crane is a masterpiece of technological advancement, with significant pioneering significance. Its introduction provides a reliable guarantee for our lifting industry, especially for the lifting of ultra-high and ultra-large wind turbines, adding new brilliance to the lifting industry in China and the world,” said Qu, Jiangsu Shenlong chairman and general manager.

190 tonnes to 160 metres

The XCA3000 is designed for wind turbine erection and maintenance. Its first lift was on the project managed by China Energy Engineering Group Northeast No.2 Electric Power Construction. It was used to install a 95 metre wind turbine blade weighing 25 tonnes to a height of 107 metres. The new giant can lift a 5 MW turbine nacelle weighing 135 tonnes in less than 30 minutes, XCMG said.

Turbines up to 10 MW can be accommodated in that the XCA3000 can lift 190 tonnes to a height of 160 metres. XCMG claims this as the highest and heaviest lifting capacity among wheeled cranes. It also said design improvements in the boom helped to achieves a 20 to 30 per cent reduction in the time needed to install a wind turbine.

To save time on site moving between turbines the ten axle crane can travel with its X-type outriggers and five section main boom onboard. Gradeability is given as 20 % which also helps.

XCMG XCA3000 all terrain crane ready to leave the factory in China One of the first batch of three XC3000s to leave the XCMG factory in early November 2023. Photo: XCMG


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