Liebherr pair expands Flossdorf fleet

Dietmar Flossdorf’s new Liebherr LTM 1650-8.1 For its first job Dietmar Flossdorf’s new Liebherr LTM 1650-8.1 was used to load heavy machine parts at the Rhine harbour in Andernach on the River Rhine in Germany. At a radius of more than 15 metres a 115 tonne load is lowered into the barge. Photo: Liebherr

As soon as it arrived German crane rental specialist Flossdorf puts its second new 700 tonne capacity wheeled mobile telescopic crane straight to work.

The new Liebherr LTM 1650-8.1 is the second of its type to join the fleet. Its first job was to load 115 tonnes of cargo at the Rhine harbour in Andernach.

Delivery was to Dietmar Flossdorf’s Bad Neuenahr premises in Rhineland-Palatinate in January. As part of a convoy from the Liebherr-Werk Ehingen factory the eight axle crane arrived along with trucks carrying its complete equipment, with attendant escort vehicles, plus another crane, a new LTM 1110-5.2.

“We are simply very satisfied with our first LTM 1650-8.1, which we purchased almost three years ago. Impressive load capacities, high performance and great flexibility characterise this machine. That’s why we wanted to expand our fleet with a second crane in this class, and in impressive fashion,” said Marco Flossdorf, company director.

“We use these two extremely powerful cranes on bridge construction sites and on wind farms, among other things. We also use them for jobs in industry, refineries and heavy-duty handling,” Flossdorf continued.

At the Rhine harbour in Andernach three heavy components from a mechanical engineering company had to be loaded onto a barge. Lifting began before first light when crane driver Sascha Vogt started his crane at the edge of the harbour basin. Set up was completed the day before so it was ready to lift.

It was then time to prepare the rigging to get the load into the hold of the barge. Lights mounted on the crane’s boom and superstructure helped with visibility when working on and around the crane.

Flexible and efficient

Liebherr LTM 1650-8.1 with VarioBallast VarioBallast is set here to its maximum distance. The slabs weigh a total of 155 tonnes. Photo: Liebherr

Commenting of the LTM 1650-8.1 Marco Flossdorf said, “Despite its impressive size, it is very mobile and flexible. VarioBallast and VarioBase make the crane safe in different working environments and allow us to use it in a broad range of applications. When making purchases, we also ensure that our machines fulfil the highest environmental standards and consume energy efficiently.”

Efficiency was also important when choosing Flossdorf’s other new purchase, the LTM 1110-5.2. “This is particularly true of the new LTM 1110-5.2, our third crane in this load capacity class,” says Flossdorf. “Thanks to its design and power, this 110 tonne crane is a truly universal mobile crane. The fact that it can carry up to 13.4 tonnes of ballast on the road naturally makes it even more convenient for us. And the new design and cab interior appeal not only to me, but also to our drivers.”

After the barge loading job in Andernach Sascha Vogt and his colleague Alex Lux stayed on at the refinery for a few days and then spent several weeks placing 14 tonne room modules at radii out to 50 metres.

For all this work the crane was set with the 80 metre T5 main boom. “However, we purchased all the equipment for the crane,” says Sascha Vogt. “Even our first LTM 1650-8.1 has both boom variants and the luffing lattice jib. The only difference is that the new luffing jib with the articulated NK system offers enormous advantages during set-up when we have little space available.”

Andernach has a well known landmark in the form of an old crane from 1500s, the Alte Krahnen, on the bank of the River Rhine. Unlike most cranes used to load and unload ships on the river at the time, the old Andernach crane is a stone building rather than being made of wood, which has contributed to its longevity and survival today. Generations ago my paternal grandmother’s family leased and operated this very crane from the city council. They used it to unload goods for the city and supplies for their hotels. It was also used to load ships with millstones made from the very tough local stone that were then shipped all over the world.

Flossdorf's second Liebherr LTM 1650-8.1 on the fleet Lights on the crane help crews work safely. Dietmar Flossdorf GmbH was started in 1953 and got its first mobile crane in 1967. Now with 60 employees it operates around 20 mobile cranes. In addition to crane services the company offers heavy haulage, work platform and car rental, plus a recovery and towing service. Photo: Liebherr


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