Who are North America’s largest specialized transportation companies?

After two years of charting growth, the 2023 ACTTransport50 has seen a bit of a retraction in total fleet size. The cause for this dip can be attributed to a sell off of tractor/trucks over the past year.

Omega Morgan moved a 500,000-pound, fully assembled Hitachi mine shovel using 10 lines of TII K25 SPMT. PHOTO: Omega Morgan

Other indexes of the ACTTransport50 show growth, including number of employees, number of specialized trailers and the overall capacity of the ACTTransport50, which is up to 2,061,188 from 1,171,807 in 2022. Growth in the ACTTransport50 has been modest this year. The specialized transport sector appears to have weathered issues like the supply chain, inflation and rising interest rates without much problem.

The things that distinguish this year’s ACTTransport50 over 2022 is that there are five new companies on the list, including one in the top 10, HWH Transport, based out of Tampa, FL. Also new to the list are Sarens USA, Atlas Crane Service, Roll Group and Bar Companies. As well, the ACTTransport50 saw gains in every index aside from the number of truck/tractors, which greatly skewed the total fleet size index.

Companies seemed to tighten their belts on terminals, with 11 less reported this year than last. In terms of number of employees, the ACTTransport50 now employs 32,548 workers, an all-time high for this top list. The index gained more than 2,700 employees over the 2022 ACTTransport50. Last year the ACTTransport50 saw a loss of 55 employees.

M&A activity

Another point to make about the 2023 ACTTransport50 has to do with merger and acquisition activity. While acquisitions on the list slowed this year, there was one noticeable change. Omega Morgan acquired Intermountain Rigging, which has been on the ACTTransport50 since its inception in 2005. Due to this acquisition, Omega Morgan jumped from 38 to 32.

Due to ties in fleet size, 56 companies are represented on the 2023 ACTTransport50 list.

The top five on our ACTTransport50 moved around a little bit. The top five include Landstar Transportation Logistics again at Number 1, Daseke again at Number 2, ALL Erection & Crane Rental jumping from 5 to 3, ATS Specialized falling from 3 to 4 and Maxim Crane Works falling from 4 to 5. The top 10 stayed intact with the exception of HWH Transport that moved in at Number 10. Bay Limited, which had been in the top 10 at Number 9 in 2022, fell to Number 25.

A few companies that moved up on the list didn’t necessarily add to their fleets, rather another company fell off the list. Notable changes include Emmert International from 15 to 12, Fagioli from 15 to 13, Bragg Companies from 19 to 15, Bigge Crane & Rigging from 21 to 18, DD&S Express from 24 to 21, Lampson International from 26 to 22, Collett & Sons from 27 to 23, Omega Morgan from 38 to 33, TransUnited from 39 to 36 and Precision Heavy Haul from 42 to 39.

Landstar Transportation Logistics kept its long-time Number 1 spot with a fleet size of 12,970, down from 14,740 in 2022.

In terms of specialized transportation capacity, ALL Erection is Number 1, with a total capacity of 101,825 tons. Landstar is Number 2, Daseke is Number 3, Mammoet North America is Number 4 and Barnhart Crane & Rigging is Number 5.


While most of the major players in the North American transportation sector are on our ACTTransport50 list, there are changes from year to year based on participation.

The ACTTransport50 is ranked by fleet size and then by total maximum transportation capacity of all relevant trailers and transport systems in a company’s fleet (in U.S. tons). The ranking is based on information supplied on our ACTTransport50 survey form. While we have worked to produce the most accurate ranking possible, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information supplied. We rely on the integrity and honesty of those who submit this information to assure our list is accurate and correct. This year we reached out to more than 400 firms by email, telephone, social media and e-casts. In some cases, when data wasn’t available or updated, we marked these listings as estimates.

As with all our American Cranes & Transport Top List databases, we made every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information published. The editors and staff take no responsibility for errors, omissions or incomplete information.

To participate in the 2024 ACTTransport50 please reach out to D.Ann Shiffler or Hannah Sundermeyer at [email protected] or [email protected].

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