How loader cranes are delivering green ambitions

Loader cranes are paramount for many construction sites, delivering materials to where they need to be. Now there are electric options, too. Niamh Marriott reports.

Electric cranes are increasing in popularity, driven by various government regulations on noise and fossil emissions on site, as well as pressure from customers and end-users seeking more sustainable options.

Three new Hiab wspr models of hybrid loader cranes are new in the the Hiab HiPro series. (Photo: Hiab)

Meeting this demand, a battery power option is now available on three more hydraulic articulating loader or knuckle boom cranes in the HiPro series from manufacturer Hiab, part of Cargotec.

In addition to having a battery-powered electric power take off (ePTO) the crane hydraulics can still be powered via a conventional power take off from the truck’s diesel engine.

Called Hiab wspr, it is an option on mid-range Hiab loader cranes in the HiPro range.

“A Hiab wspr solution, operated by electric power, is better for people and the planet as it is emission-free and future proofs businesses for stricter regulations. By being emission-free and near silent it also provides the flexibility to operate in low- or no-emission zones, or late at night, thereby increasing business opportunities. This is also providing a healthier working environment for operators and the communities they serve,” said Mattias Berglund, Hiab director, global product management, special applications and digital products, loader cranes light and medium.

Choice of three

Two of the three new Hiab wspr models have their lithium-ion battery packs integrated with the crane base which makes installation easier and has minimal impact on the truck.

Hiab’s launched its Effer iQ.1400 HP, a 135 tonne-metre rated hydraulic articulating crane, in 2023. (Photo: Hiab)

One is the Standard model, designed for the larger segment of the market. Its 200 Ah battery is enough capacity for one or two days of work, in most applications, Hiab says. The Light Duty model, aimed at drop-off applications, also has its battery in the crane base.

The Heavy Duty model, with its larger battery, is for customers who work long hours or require extended periods between charging. Its battery is mounted on the truck chassis. A two-year warranty is provided but the battery cells are covered for five years.

The new integrated 40 kW ePTO is designed to save space on the truck chassis. Where it is used on an electric truck the Hiab wspr saves the truck’s traction battery capacity by having its own battery. Maximum hydraulic pump flow is 90 litres a minute and the crane’s capacity is the same as on the conventional PTO so performance is said to be on a par with diesel but response is improved by the electrical system’s ability to deliver instant torque.

Where the battery is exhausted power can be delivered from the truck’s power source, be it a diesel engine or traction battery, to help get the job done.

The Standard model can be ordered now, and the other two variants will be available later in the year.

Range of options

This latest model follows on from Hiab’s new Effer iQ.1400 HP, a 135 tonne-metre rated hydraulic articulating crane, launched in 2023, and prior to that, the Effer iQ.950 HP, a 90 tonne-metre model announced earlier in 2023.

Instead of the 12 sided boom section of the smaller 90 tonne-metre model, the 135 tonner has the V10-Force decagonal (ten-sided) boom and the latest SPACEevo control system. The V10-Force boom, as also used in the Effer 1000, is designed for increased strength enhancing vertical performance, to its maximum 83 degrees working angle. With the control system it also helps reduces oscillation to help place loads more precisely.

Both models shares parts, components and controls with other iQ. and iX series cranes. Hiab says this helps with operator familiarisation and reduces inventory for parts and service items.

Austrian manufacturer Palfinger has a range of loader cranes. (Photo: Palfinger)

Austrian manufacturer Palfinger offers a range of loader cranes, and says they are seeing strong demand for loaders in India, as well as in North America. It offers two new heavy-duty cranes, the PK 1350 TEC and PK 1650 TEC. The company says that the entire new TEC range combines maximum outreach (up to 38.7 metres) the highest lifting capacity and the greatest precision.

“Complex tasks in urban areas and on large construction sites as well as heavier and larger loads require solutions that are smart and powerful,” says Andreas Klauser, CEO of Palfinger. “The new PK 1350 TEC and PK 1650 TEC heavy-duty cranes are equipped with the very latest electronic controls and intelligent assistance systems.

“As a technology leader, Palfinger sets industry standards, always with the aim of using smart and connected solutions to improve the way customers work. The heavy-duty cranes in the TEC range are our latest example.

“Based on decades of experience and working together with customers and operators, we have created a completely new class of crane that combines the best hardware with smart software.”

Manitex delivers on articulated crane

The new 70.5 SP articulated crane is the latest enhancement to PM Group’s 65 series of articulated cranes. (Photo: Manitex)

The new 70.5 SP articulated crane is the latest enhancement to PM Group’s 65 series of articulated cranes

Truck crane, specialized industrial and construction equipment provider Manitex International announced the first deliveries of the recently launched PM 70.5 SP articulated truck mounted crane.

The new 70.5 SP articulated crane is the latest addition to PM Group’s 65 series of articulated cranes with applications for the global market. The 70.5 SP is multi-industry capable, serving heavy industrial, infrastructure, concrete and general construction.

Giovanni Tacconi, managing director at PM Group (Manitex Italy), explains the company delivered five 70.5 SP cranes in Italy during the first quarter of 2024 and expects momentum to quickly build through the years. The new offering from PM Group is initially being sold in Europe and will be available in North America next year.

“A key component of our Elevating Excellence strategy is to expand our distribution of PM Group products in North America, and the PM 70.5 SP is the first of several new product offerings that will be integral to us achieving this goal,” adds Michael Coffey, chief executive officer, Manitex. “This innovative new product will enable us to expand our addressable market and should contribute to further market penetration and service into North America.”

Hyva goes electronic

All Hyva Cranes for CE markets are now fully compliant with European Standards. (Photo: Hyva)

All Hyva Cranes for CE markets are now fully compliant with European Standards

A new electronic platform for Hyva cranes complies with European Standards which the company says assures safety and performance. Its entire crane range for CE markets are now fully compliant with European Standards EN 12999:2020 and EN 13849* for a higher level of safety and performance in crane controls.

This has been achieved through a completely new electronic platform, which with new ergonomics, precision calculation software, clear displays, controls and top component reliability, delivers higher safety levels for the operator.

This new platform underpins all Hyva cranes and the company has introduced a five step process for crane selection.

Performance and safety are also improved through service initiatives such as Connectivity 4.0 (web access to crane data, status, position and analytics) and CUST, a software that can be used on every crane for installation, service, crane calibration, troubleshooting and maintenance.

The company says it is now working on systems for automatic levelling (ALS), automatic stabilizer activation (OAD), and verified cane lifting capacity based on truck stability (DLD).

“We are proud to promote safety and performance in our cranes through compliance with these new European Standards,” says Davide Catellani, LoB director cranes. “The modularity of our crane builds ensures that we can always supply a crane to match each customer’s requirements.”


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